Our View: Obama has the right policy for college students

America is still not fully out of the woods yet. The only way for the U.S. to keep moving in the right direction is to stay on course.

That is why we are endorsing President Barack Obama for a second term.

The Daily 49er editorial board has voted in favor of four more years of Obama.

In his first term as president, Obama did as much as he could to help higher education. During his leadership, Obama has doubled  Pell Grant scholarships and given families $10,000 tuition tax credits.  

Obama has also brought the national unemployment rate down to 7.8 percent. It is imperative this number keeps going down, especially as we graduate and start looking for jobs that can finacially support our future.

Gov. Mitt Romney keeps saying he his going to cut taxes, increase military spending and, at the same time, magically lower our nation’s debt. The only possible way for this to happen is to cut what he deems as wasteful spending.

Besides from Big Bird being kicked to the curb, this would mean many government sectors will have to be cut, as with its workers. Not to mention, massive cuts will have to come from somewhere, and since Romney seems hell bent on retracting much of what Obama has done, Obama’s work towards higher education may be on the chopping block.

Other than higher education, Obama has been amazing in dealing with foreign affairs. There is nothing more important than maintaining our nation’s current presence in the world. A BBC World Service poll that surveyed people in 21 countries revealed an overwhelming support of Obama.

Obama scored 50 percent favorable amongst all polled while Romney had only 9 percent. The only country polled that did not favor Obama was Pakistan, which has it reasons for opposing the Obama administration and its polices.

While liberal, Obama in many other countries is considered to be conservative. Romney is viewed as a somewhat extreme conservative on steroids. The world will think it a joke if we decide to elect Romney.

Obama also was able to bailout the American automotive industry, make health care accessible to everyone and allow for us to stay on our parents’ plans until we are 26. He supports gay marriage, he supports a woman’s choice to choose to have an abortion, and he was able to lead us to tracking down and killing public enemy No. 1 Osama bin Laden.

President Obama is the man we want as our leader for four more years. Make your voice heard this November by voting, and tell us what you think on Twitter with #49erVote2012.


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