About the Daily 49er


Here at the Forty-Niner we acknowledge that the school we report on is located on the sacred site of Puvungna, “the gathering place”. We are on the land of the Tongva/Gabrieleño and the Acjachemen/Juaneño Nations who have lived and continue to live here.

We also acknowledge the Gabrieleño/Tongva (pronounced: GABRIEL-EN-YO/TONG – VAH) and Acjachamen/Juaneño (pronounced: AH-HACH-AH-MEN/JUAN-EN-YO) as the traditional custodians of the Los Angeles region along with the Chumash (pronounced: CHOO-MOSH) to the north and west, and the Tataviam (pronounced: TAH-TAH-VEE-YUM) and Cahuilla (pronounced: KAH-WEE-YAH) Nations to the east.

We respect and value the many ways the Tongva/Acjachemen cultural heritage and beliefs continue to have significance to the living people and remind us about the sacred and spiritual relationship that has always existed here at what we now call California State University Long Beach.


The Daily Forty-Niner is the longest-running student news publication at Long Beach State University and is the “paper of record” for the institution. As the most prolific news source on campus, the 49er’s reporters continue to produce award-winning coverage of campus and city news and events. Daily news stories and coverage can be found on Daily49er.com and on the @daily49er social media channels.

First published as The Forty-Niner, the paper’s name commemorates the school’s founding year of 1949. On Nov. 11, 1949, less than two months after the opening of CSULB, the original publication was produced as an 8½ -by-14 inch typewritten, mimeographed paper of four pages, issued every other Friday. More than seventy years later, the 49er is still the best source for campus news, sports, arts and life, and more.

The 49er is produced entirely by CSULB students and abides by the Society of Professional Journalism (SPJ) Code of Ethics.

Mission Statement

The Daily Forty-Niner is an editorially independent, student-run, multi-platform publication that covers CSULB and local community news, arts and life, sports and opinions. 


We serve the campus community through fact-based and ethical journalism. 


Our laboratory environment provides students with practical experience that prepares them for professional careers. 


We strive to uplift student voices, be an accessible resource and represent and inform the community in an inclusive way.




We are an evolving publication that seeks to:

  • Provide a voice for all students 
  • Give visibility to all parts of our campus community
  • Welcome civil discourse and diversity of thought
  • Continuously learn, grow and improve




We are committed to:

  • Diversity in reporting
  • Creating and maintaining a diverse newsroom 
  • Fair and equitable hiring practices 
  • Accurately represent the perspectives of our diverse student body and local community
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