Campus face painter offers his unique perspective on sex, love

Here at Cal State Long Beach, it is almost customary to see a curly-haired guy sitting on the grass on upper campus surrounded by paint, artwork and a variety of students lingering about.

Dave Wrathall, a 2007 CSULB graduate with a bachelor’s in film and electronic media, chooses to spend much of his free time spreading love and “good vibes” throughout campus via face painting.
Wrathall’s face painting journey started after he graduated and participated in some protests on the conspiracy of Sept. 11, 2001.

A cardboard poster that read on one side, “Love everyone,” on the other side, “Turn off your TV” and a makeshift sign offering, “Free face painting,” were posted at Wrathall’s bench of choice by the University Bookstore in March 2008.
Peace signs and hearts were Wrathall’s characters of choice, as he said, “I had never painted before, and I wanted to convey the message of peace and love anyways, since it is what I believe in spiritually.” Wrathall said, “We live in a culture based on fear in today’s generation, where everyone is considered to be a stranger. I wanted to change people’s mindsets; starting on campus was a great option.” 

By winter 2008, Wrathall started the canvas paintings he works on while enjoying the sun on most weekdays he’s on campus. With a theme revolving around love and hearts, students can’t help but smile and be merry when they walk past him and his menagerie of eclectic paintings.

Many students have experienced Wrathall’s presence daily, which inspired me to question his thoughts on sex. He started by saying, “I never judge anybody, because everyone has a different mindset on sex.”

When asked about people who are more a part of the “free love” scene, Wrathall said he feels it is one’s personal choice to be a sexual free spirit, as long as there is a mutual understanding between both parties involved. “Sleeping around” is constructed to be derogatory in our society, which Wrathall said was created out of fear of disease. 

“I believe that AIDS was administered through small pox vaccinations given to Africa and areas that tested them in the United States.”

Students are very aware of the ongoing spread of STDs, which has an affect on our sexual lives.

He continued with, “I feel that free love spirit that used to exist prior to the boom of aids has been crushed.” 

When asked, “What is sex to you,” Dave responded by saying, “Sex is a natural and beautiful part of the human spirit.”

To have sex isn’t just to reproduce, but rather to connect with another person on a physical and spiritual level.

“It is a higher dimensional level when two people can come together in harmony,” Wrathall said. He said the act can be compared to yin and yang, where opposites join perfectly to create beautiful equality.

Wrathall added, “My craziest sexual moment was when I connected so well with a woman that we both orgasmed at the same time while a thunderbolt struck.”

These are the kinds of connections that are more than just the casual “hook-up.” The next time you venture up to the upper campus grass area, where students go to bask in the sun, stop by Dave Wrathall to receive a dose of love and some unique face paint.

Until next week friends and college neighbors, spread the positive vibrations.

Kylee Delgadillo is a junior journalism major and a columnist for the Daily 49er.


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