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Letter to the editor-Peace in the Middle East our responsibility

You know, I am really sick and tired of this victim vs. perpetrator game played by the two most prominent cultures on Earth — Jews and Muslims.

Yes, I am a Jew, but I am an American and my Americanism comes first because it gravely affects us all here. As an American Jew — whether the rocks are being thrown by me or at me — there is only one solution to our differences my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters: peace.

If we truly wanted peace we would forget about the eons of conflict and start a new tradition of peace and harmony.

You think pathetically boycotting Israeli services will actually do us harm or gain you ground? If anything, it drives the cycle of hate and disgust between our two cultures.

I hate how Jewish Americans attack Muslim Americans, or the other way around, when it comes to this nationalistic war between Israelis and Palestinians. Just because our background cultures are connected to the regions does not give us the right to perpetuate the cycle here in America.

We are Americans, and our consciousness is higher than that of our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.

Yes, is it hard to simply forgive and forget the eons of war that our fathers, mothers, grandparents, brothers and sisters have so diligently fought, but the simple answer to this problem is peace.

Whether or not they come to that conclusion in the coming months, years, centuries or eons, we must make sure the hate and blood does not ruin the oasis of America and the rest of the world.

How will we continue to bitch and moan if humanity is dead and gone?

-David Rose,

sophomore political science major

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  1. David Rose, I know your heart is in the right place. Learn the definition of peace. You will discover that achieving peace is not quite so simple when dealing with those who are committed to your utter destruction and removal. If the solution was to give land for peace, it isn’t working. Let me ask you a question. How was the holocaust against the Jewish people of Europe ended? The answer to that question will go along way toward addressing the problem that you want to be solved. I’m just not sure that the side that is capabile of the solution has the will to implement it.

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