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2-hours in San Francisco: a misty wonderland

By: Naoki Gima and Sonny Tapia

San Francisco is riddled with hills, trams and more hills, but the beauty of the city is the city’s diversity.

Everyone stays focused on what they are doing and where they are going regardless of what is happening around them.

The architecture surrounds these people from the bay to the inner city which operates as a hub for the diversity it involves.

The hills range from steep to very steep and some even feel as though they are sitting at a 90-degree angle.

The hills make drivers pump the brakes in an effort to prevent slamming into a car in front of them or behind them depending on which end of the hill they sit on.

In the city, certain hills provide a panoramic view of the skyline just below the clouds.

The misty look adds an eeriness to the city that is rarely seen in some cities like Los Angeles.

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In San Francisco, sailor stories become true as the foggy mist from the shore adds a fascinating texture to the city.

Buildings can almost be seen by the human eye in black and white rather than traditional color due to the gloom that rises above the buildings.

Even with the gloom, the sun manages to shine through some buildings in a way that outlines the interior construction of the floors.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel offered a view of the sunlight through the skylight which sent a ray of light down the corner of the building to highlight a ball sculpture in the center.

This is not the only impressive architecture that resides in San Francisco. The Transamerica Building sits in the center of the city rising to the top of the sky and forming a triangle that overlooks the city all the way to the shores of the bay.

A trip to this city may not be complete without seeing a trolley or two, or even one of the bridges.

One of the lesser-known of the two bridges is the Bay Bridge.

This bridge sits in an almost identical state to the Golden Gate Bridge but is often overlooked by tourists and visitors.

Regardless of the feelings some may have toward San Francisco, the city is filled with a wide range of people and architecture.

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