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Nourishing the love we share

This Valentine’s Day, my partner and I will both be working.

We both work in the recently re-opened restaurant industry. We get to help people enjoy their day, and maybe for a moment, feel kind of normal. After working in the industry for many years, this is the one holiday I wish we both had off.

Valentine’s Day is commercialized, over-sexualized and is always portrayed as super luxurious. Personally, I try to focus on the love I share with my boo, as well as my family and friends.

We are all aware of the risks that restaurant workers are taking this year to serve in-house Valentine’s Day dinner. Although restaurants can sanitize and enforce social distancing, this option may not be ideal for some. Ordering take-out is a great way to support local businesses. Then maybe have a spot prepared to enjoy the food—a backyard, a park with a view or somewhere along the coast.

To celebrate our love, this year we will be cooking together which has become special to us. We have lived together for three years and our recent unemployment status has increased the frequency of our pantry pastas, leftover smorgasbords and ramen noodle nights. We have enjoyed these and other delicious meals with family members and friends for Zoom happy hour.

There is some power in being able to cook a nice meal for yourself and your loved ones. If your partner lives far away maybe cook a meal together on Zoom. It could be like a cooking show with the challenge of you both trying to make something edible.

I am grateful to be in love during this pandemic. I am grateful that I have not lost any loved ones during all of this as well. In our relationship we have been together through a lot, even before COVID-19. I believe this pandemic is yet another test to our commitment and adoration.

Our date nights have included car parties, picnics, backyard bonanzas, road trips for some outdoor dining and sinking deeper into the couch with each episode of a show we are binging together.

Dating safely is super important if you live in separate households. I can imagine how challenging it is to get together hoping that neither of you were exposed. If spending time with your partner who lives in a different household is important, your lifestyle should be grounded. Every time you go out should be taken into consideration, especially if you spend time with a loved one.

Some people have moved back home with their parents and now their love is long distance. Other relationships have not been able to survive. Nourish the love and connections you have with your partner, family, and friends—because we all need it.

It is amazing to have so much love in a time of so much fear and separation. Love always wins.

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