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CSULB instructor resists campus mask and COVID-19 vaccine requirement

Long Beach State self-defense instructor, Richard Juliano openly refuses to receive the COVID-19 vaccine or wear a mask indoors including during his classes.

Although California is lifting the mask mandates for all vaccinated individuals while indoors, both Los Angeles County and CSULB officials require everyone to continue wearing their masks regardless of vaccination status.

In Juliano’s perspective, the research and information numerous doctors, scientists and health agencies have provided are false.

“I have two respiratory therapists, [and] a doctor friend of mine with his medical law degree,” he said. “I asked them about masks, and they gave me real science on this. When they posted their findings online, they were called ‘quacks’ and ‘losers.'”

While Juliano did not name who his medical sources were, or which sites he looked to for COVID-19 information, he did reference the Joe Rogan podcast and Dr. Robert Malone.

“What media has done is they painted these the narrative with these people that they’re crazy,” he said. “Malone has nine patents on the research for messenger RNA vaccines, which is what the vaccine is now. And he gives these facts, you know, and they paint him like he’s insane.”

To add on, Juliano stated he has a medical and religious exemption from wearing a mask and receiving the COVID-19 vaccine under the Christian faith.

“I can’t [wear a mask]. I’m asthmatic. I’ll get pneumonia if I wear those masks,” he said. “That restricted relation of carbon dioxide and germs and heat, it’s not good for you. It’s especially not good If you’ve had issues with your lungs.”

Juliano also said that his doctor recommended he not receive the vaccine, after contracting COVID-19 three times.

“I’m asthmatic, so the first time it kicked my butt,” he said. “[My doctor] said with your amazing natural antibodies, we can really help people out. But if you take the vaccine, it will totally negate your own natural human healing ability.”

The self-defense instructor noted that he did not wear a mask while infected with the virus.

Lucas Tran, a fourth-year psych-communications major is one of Juliano’s students and said he doesn’t wear a mask indoors during instruction.

“It seems like a liability waiting to happen,” Tran said. “He encouraged students to take their mask off during class, [but] nobody seemed to go along with it.”

Juliano said if a student or university official asks him to put on a face covering, he will refuse to do so.

“Why should I respect your fear, when you do not know any of the stats?” Juliano said. “I showed [the] medical exemption, [and] that should be enough if you are a cognitive and thinking individual.”

CSULB news media services director, Gregory Woods said it is required for all university staff to be vaccinated on campus and wear a mask indoors, which can be found on the university website.

Woods also said that any disciplinary action for violating campus policy is “outlined in the agreement between the CSU and the particular union.”

“The unions of each department handle medical or religious exemptions,” Woods said. “The college of health and human services is aware of the situation, and they are looking into it.”


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