New Parkside washing machines rinse away student stress

Parkside College residents tumbled across a refreshing surprise of new washing machines when they came back from spring break.

The previous washers, which students used for a year, were replaced because they leaked and caused a wet, muddy floor. The problem was brought to attention by the custodial staff, according to Carol Roberts-Corb, director of housing and residential life.

Speed Queen Washers, the same washers that are used in Beachside College, replaced the Maytag Washers in Parkside.

“The ones in Beachside have been there since ’09, so hopefully [these] washers last longer than the other ones,” Roberts-Corb said.

Other problems with the Maytag Washers included the fact that the last minute of washing took longer than 60 seconds.

Wash Laundry Service, the company that provides laundry machines to the university, attempted to fix the problem, but when the washers continued to leak, the company replaced the Maytags for free, according to Roberts-Corb.

Residents of Parkside said they are happy about the new washers.

“They’re awesome,” freshman mathematics major Benjamin Borges said. “I’m glad the last minute doesn’t take forever.”

The Parkside dining hall is also due for renovations, which will start June 3, and Roberts-Corb said it is estimated to be completed in mid-October.

“The nosiest part of the construction will be during the summer,” Roberts-Corb said.

Until the new, renovated dining hall is complete, Parkside will use a temporary kitchen and dining facility adjacent to Parkside, according to Roberts-Corb. This temporary kitchen will be indoors, have air-conditioning and have the same menu.

“It will be a replication of what it is now, just in temporary trailers,” Roberts-Corb said.

The school has bids from three to four different companies looking to provide this temporary kitchen but is leaning towards Kitchens To Go, according to Roberts-Corb.

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