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Our black excellence

By: Atéya Nina

The ones who are using this time to thieve, loot and destroy are distractions taking the attention away from the overall message our black communities are trying to present to the world. We will not let white politicians or white authority turn our skin color into the definition of violence.

Black is excellent, black is powerful it has pride and honor to those who wear their armor proudly. Black does not give into the roles that has been created and placed upon us. Black cannot be defined by anyone who is not among us; we bare many shades, many identities, many talents. We even bare forgiveness.

We ask the world to forgive those who feel the need to bring their violence to our peaceful protests. You forgive them by continuing to come out with us peaceful , speak up for us peacefully and educate yourselves. It has been hard to be a black man, it has been hard to be a black woman in America and you must understand why.

For us we have to work three times harder to become the best athletes, singers, artists, teachers, students and business owners all to give back to not only our own communities but if given the chance, to service every community.

We accept all races, all genders to watch us perform; but are continuously denied freedom of speech and even punished for practicing our first amendment right! Our race is so overly generous that it has caused us to be taken advantage of.

The white man still feels threatened and ashamed of himself by receiving anything from us he could not have done on his own or for himself. That is why our race has been oppressed all these centuries. There is nothing we won’t exceed in and we continue to encourage others to reap the benefits.

Peace and love is the movement that everyone needs to take, for us and with us; so we can rewrite the definitions the world has placed on our black skin. So our message over powers the distractions that have been put in place. We are all over this earth, we are not the minority, we are black excellence.

We demand equality, we demand peace.

Our main existence of being human is to receive and give love. Our love is so strong, evil cannot stand it. I encourage other races to ask yourself, as a human being do you want to continue to live in an evil world? Together we can create heaven on earth. You must speak up!

Let our black men live, let our black mothers live, let our black brothers live, let our black sisters live, let our black children live!

Let us show you our Black Excellence.

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