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Long Beach band, Sadie, makes waves in the local music scene

Sadie, composed of Sam Solano, Eli Stirdivant and Logan Trazo have worked together over 10 years with music that does adhere to any specific genre.

“If you listen to the EP [Static], you heard it. There’s a lot of stuff going on. I usually just say indie, harder synth based rock,” Solano said when asked to describe the group’s music.

“Static” is mix of indie, punk and electronic music is paired with an underlying theme of moodiness.

“We don’t really write a lot of happy music. We like it to be moody, but it is still something you can move around to, move your body and dance,” Stirdivant said.

Moodiness is not the only intent behind the songs on the band’s newest release.

“There’s a few songs we’ve had trouble releasing, because there are so many different samples from the 1950s; little TV tidbits that we had found, TV static or old commercials,” Stirdivant said.

Each of the vintage digital samples added to the new records’ TV theme explores the notions of perceived reality versus the reality of the human experience. Using these modalities, Sadie fuses emotional undertones with philosophical debates.

Despite a thriving fan base, the band began making music with no intention of officially releasing music or performing for others. Often, the group would include three guitars and singers that would switch around.

“We were just hanging out after school and just mess[ing] around,” Solano said.

It wasn’t until the end of high school, when most of the members were 17, that the band performed at one of their first shows.

Sadie, formally known as Scarlett, played at a DIY tennis court show and lacked some of the elements they have today.

“We didn’t have a bassist yet. We needed Trazo,” Stirdivant recalled.

Their bassist joined almost four years ago, around the time of their first show. On Oct. 25, 2019, Sadie became complete with a guitarist, a bassist, a singer and a drummer.

Together, the band continued to perform at a multitude of other DIY and local college shows, like Long Beach State.

According to the band, some of the most fun shows are, “Definitely when it might not be the best setup but it’s just a lot of people that they’re just down to have a good time,” Stirdivant said.

The band hopes to continue making music and playing at shows after a short break to attend school.

In the meantime, they encourage readers to listen to new music on major platforms like Spotify and Apple Music as well as follow them on Instagram.

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