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Supporting OUTober with drag

The stage in the middle of the room was surrounded by spiral columns of multi-colored balloons and spotlights creating rainbows on a backdrop.

Monday night from 5 – 7 p.m., over a hundred students gathered to play Drag Bingo in the University Student Union Ballrooms in hopes of winning gift cards and other prizes which included a Polaroid camera, Disneyland tickets and a few other miscellaneous items. Subway, fruit and mocktails were served by Student Life and Development and Beach Pride Events.

The event also included song and dance performances from the various drag queens throughout the night.

Drag Bingo is a  part of OUTober — a six-week long celebration that focuses on LGBTQ issues and entertainment.

“It’s a cultural event celebrating queer diversity,” said Parker Chalners, Beach Pride events coordinator. “This is all about having fun tonight and supporting the LGBT community, whether you’re a part of it or an ally.”

When Jewels the hostess came out in a red and black baby-doll dress, big curly blonde hair and a face full of dramatic make-up, the room filled with applause. Students went crazy with cheers as guests Psycadella Façade, Luna, Roxy de Valle and season seven contestant of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Jasmine Masters performed elaborate dances and ballads.

“My favorite part of the event was the performances, especially Jasmine. It was so lively and full of energy,” said senior international studies major Rebecca Miotto. “I felt like I was at a Beyoncé concert.”

Masters and de Valle were the divas among the group, coming out in full body suits and stilettos for their performances. Masters even had a wardrobe change before her grand finale.

As she danced, many sat in disbelief as she landed perfect cartwheels, kicked her legs high in the air, jumped into a split and did difficult dance moves — all in five-inch heels. Through her performance and the evening it became obvious that Masters took a lot of pride in her work and appeared to enjoy every minute of it.

“I like seeing everybody’s smile on they face … the expression and audience reaction,” Masters said.

The event helped some students see the campus in a more inviting light. “I like the fact that the campus is so supportive of the gay community,” said junior Jeremy Sandstrom, health care administration major.

In addition to Drag Bingo, CSULB has also scheduled Queer Politicking and a Hallow’s Eve Ball for OUTober, which started Oct. 7 and concludes Nov. 20. The entire month is dedicated to the celebration of the LGBTQ communities and students are encouraged to join in the celebratory and educational events.


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