‘Rags 2 Rhythms’ show spotlights student talents through fashion

An audience was transported through the four seasons while fashion collections full of vibrant colors and unique designs were showed off and sold.

The 10th annual “Rags 2 Rhythms,” event on Friday night in the University Student Union Ballroom, was filled with excitement to keep the crowd entertained. These attractions included an audience walk-off, a raffle, spoken word poetry and vendors selling their designs.

“I helped judge at the auditions, look for designers, — just running around for everything,” said kinesiology major Candice Carter, who helped produce the show for the third time this year.

Audience members hardly seemed to notice that the show started an hour after tickets were collected because they were chatting while the DJ played hit songs. Once the springtime segment of the show got rolling, the models performed a proposal skit and walked down the runway with umbrellas.

The models for the show had a lot of chops. They posed for pictures at the end of the runway and followed the different choreographed walks like champs. At the end of the show, they displayed their fun sides by dancing at the end of the runway.

A big part of the show was making it come together as one cohesive unit. The models did a good job of tying everything from the show in a nice little knot.

The vibrant room had a lot of personality buzzing about from the attendees, models and designers. The budding designers reveled at the chance to show their work at the show.

The audience applauded and shouted when they saw designer Jacqlene Mone’t’s collection. Her works included full skirts cut above the knee in the front and cascading down to the floor in the back.

Lanea Cue, designer of clothingline Ultra Coolio, showed off menswear that included a see-through plastic vest and tribal print shorts cut above the knee.

“I’ve wanted to be a designer since I was young,” Cue said. “In sixth grade, my best friend and I used to spend lunchtime sketching things out. We would make the whole outfit — the top, the bottom, the shoes, the purse, everything.”

This was the second show for swimsuit designer Lucy Bea, who customizes suits for her clients.

Vincent Vital produced a men’s clothingline that included traditional school uniform attire, such as cardigans and polo shirts. He made these seemingly mundane clothes fun by adding details such as leopard print lightning bolts and his signature “V” design.

During intermission, various vendors sold their designs. Simone “Mo” Silva, a Cal State Long Beach film alumnus, sold her eco-friendly and machine-washable shopping bags to help eliminate the use of plastic bags. She started the project a month ago because she wasn’t able to find a job in film. In a short amount of time, she has already created different sized bags and hopes to produce more for Mother’s Day.

Marcia Lozano, a fashion production student at Orange Coast College, sold her pin-up style hairbows and mustache pins. She currently sells them in three shops, including Liberty on 4th Street.
“It has been really good and it’s been growing,” said Lozano. “Hopefully it will grow into something huge. [My goal is] to own my own shop.”

The show ended in the season of winter where the models wore peacoats, knee-high boots and leather jackets.

“Rags 2 Rhythms” was an event to remember with fashion-forward thinking and classic pieces. The show reached its goal by giving new designers a platform to show their work.

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