A toast to life and rock ‘n’ roll

Forget about playing Rock Band or Guitar Hero on a Friday night. Instead, go out and experience first hand the true meaning of rock ‘n’ roll.

Smell the beer, indulge in the sound, taste the passion, get out of your house. Feel the beat of the show make way from your feet to the rest of your body, feel the music rush right through you and let the energy transmit all over you.

At 9 p.m. inside Alex’s Bar on Friday, nighthawks awaited to experience that feeling through the band SiX.

Bands opening the show included Attackhead, Nothing Eternal and Provider. Nothing was held back and they set up the atmosphere for what came next.

As SiX made its way onto the stage, fans got off of their seats and headed towards the pit, and the Tim Burton-like sanctuary was taken to another level. The heat was turned up.

“You got one life,” shouted Lauren, the lead vocalist, as he rocked out. “Every breath we take is a gift, people!”

In an interview with the Daily Forty-Niner, lead singer Lauren stated that when it was time to choose between going to school or being in a band, he chose his passion in a heartbeat and dropped out of college.

Though there were many obstacles, Lauren said he does not regret the experience because to him, “what matters is what’s good and powerful.”

SiX consists of four members: Lauren (vocals), Alfunction (lead guitar), Nate Bowers (drums) and Corey Bush (bass). For them rock ‘n’ roll is something magical, and they grew up worshipping it.

Lauren said he thought about nothing else but music while growing up.

“I know what I’m made of, [and playing music] is what I’m supposed to do on Earth. What my soul makes me do, is what I do,” he said.

Lauren said that they don’t try to be a part of any scene or keep up with what is current or trendy. They simply create what is truly theirs.

“F*** your trends” is the band’s motto and throughout the night, this concept was blared out.

Lauren reminded the audience to stay guarded and be aware of the world’s schemes. He said to neglect everything the media forces you to believe, but to instead find your own path and live life.

Lauren claimed to never have experienced writer’s block when writing music. And that held true when writing lyrics for their current album, “Between the Warning and the War.”

“Writer’s block is for amateurs,” he said.

Nothing is written in stone for SiX, but for now, the band will continue to put out records, live life on the road and try to make a name for themselves.

“We want to be the biggest band in the world,” Lauren spiritedly said. “And as it becomes more important to people [our music] could dictate change, but in the meantime this is who we are.”

On that note, in the wee hours of the morning, Lauren stepped into the bar where his supportive fans, friends and band members awaited his return to continue celebrating in the name of rock ‘n’ roll.

Song to Download: “The Perfect Life”


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