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Satisfy your sweet tooth with an ‘OG Choc Chip’ baker

Kyrsta Cue is a baker and businesswoman who owns a treat store called “Cue Bake Shop” where she sells cookies, brownies and ice cream sandwiches.

Her first cookie creation she made was a chocolate chip cookie that she calls the “OG Choc Chip.” This was the start of her business in 2012 while studying at San Diego State University.

Cue spends about 40 hours a week on average preparing her products from scratch in her own home kitchen. Sometimes, she gets into a bigger kitchen if she is catering a larger event.

She started to make cookies for her best friend, Maria Eubanks graphic design class projects while she attended the University of Southern California.

Kyrsta Cue hopes to continue her grandmother's legacy with baked goods as she takes her business online and opens the door for her products to shipped nationwide.
Kyrsta Cue hopes to continue her grandma's legacy with baked goods. Photo credit: Krysta Cue

“I always made cookies for her class project,” Cue said. “She gave me the brand, I brought the product and the rest is history.”

When Cue was in elementary school she would always go to her grandmother’s house during the summer break. She started to bake with an Easy-Bake Oven and a little step stool when she was two years old, using her grandmother’s recipe to sell her baked goods to her friends.

To this day, Cue still has a picture of her grandmother in her house.

“We’d always make cookies together as well and as I got older I’d make the recipe for fun, then eventually started making them to sell to my friends,” Cue said.

Eventually, Cue started to sell her cookies out of her cart to people outside her circle.

Some of the baked goods sold at "Cue&squot;s Bake Shop" include ice cream sandwiches.
Baked goods such as ice cream sandwiches can be bought from the "Cue Bake Shop" during a weekly Farmer's Market at Long Beach State by the Student Recreation Wellness Center. Photo courtesy: Kyrsta Cue

Cue’s Bake Shop sells six types of vegan cookies including a Vegan Sea Salt Chocolate Chip with Walnut and a Vegan Sea Salt Chocolate Chip.

She also has three different brownies to choose including flavors like matcha, fudge and fudge with walnuts. Cue sells ice cream sandwiches for people with a sweet tooth.

Some of the students, like illustration major Catheryn Cowings said they would like to see more vegan options.

Nutrition major student, Brian Rayo said, “[I want more] affordable options, as some of the food is [unaffordable to me].”

Cue’s Bake Shop offers a discount of $2 with purchases of $14 or more. She will begin selling her cookie dough online starting March 13 and her cookies can be shipped nationwide.

Cue sells at the Farmer’s Market on campus every Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. She also sells at Bixby Knolls Farmer’s Market Thursdays from 3-7 p.m. and at Vegan Playground on Fridays from 5-9 p.m. bi-weekly. Be sure to check her cart out and follow her on Instagram.

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