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It’s time to go back to school

I believe that we should go back to school and resume in-person classes because many people, including myself, learn better that way. 


When I am in class, I feel the  need to pay attention to assure that when I get home I understand what was taught to me. But, with everything being online, I find myself feeling more relaxed and less attentive. 


While doing work on my computer, my phone will light up, or my dog or sister will come into my room and I’ll want to talk to them. I know it’s my responsibility to make sure I have no distractions and force myself to pay attention, but it is definitely more challenging learning in your house rather than a classroom. 


Home is supposed to be where students can relax and be stress-free. The classroom is supposed to be a place to learn and take tests, which can be stress-inducing. So, why would we want to put those two things together? 


Putting them together is like bringing a 9-to-5 job home with you, and nobody wants that. 


When I lived on campus in the dorms, I could find places to study: outdoors, in the classroom of the Honors building, or the library. My dorm room would be the place where I could finally relax. 


People should be relieved to come home, not want to try and  get away from it. 


As much as students say we dislike school, truth be told, we enjoy the community it brings. I enjoy being at school because when I arrive early to a class, I am able to talk to my friends and interact with peers. If I needed help, I could stay after class to  ask the professor questions. 


Now, I can’t do any of these things because we are logging into class online instead of stepping into a classroom. 


For me, campus is also a place that brings all of my friends together. Many of the friends that I made while in classes and through mutual connections, I’m unable to see because they live too far away, or our class schedules no longer match up. If we were still meeting in-person on campus  I would be able to walk with them to class or we’d have lunch together in those small amounts of time in between classes. 


I’m not saying we should be crammed into classrooms and risk spreading the coronavirus; ideally the proper safety precautions could be taken. Cass times could be spread out, and classrooms could seat students six feet apart. Maybe some classes could even be held outside.


I think coming up with creative solutions to allow students on campus would benefit the students’ educational and social lives.


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