Pizza Showdown: Domino’s vs. Sbarro

Students finally have a choice when it comes to getting pizza and pasta on campus. Domino’s Pizza has opened up in the University Dining Plaza, right up a flight of stairs from Sbarro. The question now is, which pizza place is better?
Sbarro needs to watch out, because the manager of Domino’s, Martha Guijarro, is looking to run them out of town.
“I want to shut them down,” Gaijarro said when asked if she was worried about Sbarro being in close proximity. With Domino’s convenient location, ready-to-go pizzas, delicious sides and fair prices, Sbarro should be very worried.
“I prefer Domino’s, because it’s a better known brand,” Max Donis, a junior international studies and anthropology major, said. “They have better pepperoni pizza, but Sbarro has a better Hawaiian. The Domino’s location is better, because it’s in an area that is preferable to walking all the way down [to Sbarro].”
Hands down, everything from Domino’s is better than the Sbarro on campus.  
“Their pizza looks like plastic,” Guijarro said.  
It’s true that Sbarro’s pizza is terrible.  It’s uninspired, and their pasta has always been a better option. Although the sauce barely stays on the noodles, up until this point it was the only option for Italian food on campus.
Domino’s pasta options also have a huge legup on  Sbarro. Domino’s pasta is baked in their delicious garlic bread bowl, and it goes great with their Parmesan bites that come in 16 pieces.  The pasta bread bowl is a must-try, especially at under eight bucks.  
Other students agree that Domino’s is better.
“Sbarro’s pizza is very bland compared to Domino’s,” senior business major Jenny Phan said. “The food lacks flavor on both the pasta and pizza. I couldn’t even finish my food.
 Phan receives 25 percent off  of Sbarro food for being an ASI Senator, but she still prefers Domino’s.
Sbarro seems to cater to a person with a bland pallet with their potatoes, vegetables and their newly released cheesecake option.
On the other hand, Domino’s has many flavorful options like hot wings, sandwiches and desserts, such as the chocolate lava crunch cake and their cinna stix.
“I like Sbarro’s, but I like the new recipes [at Domino’s],” senior creative writing major Jeremy Kanjandpangka. “Sbarro is expensive,”
Although the vast majority seem to love the new Domino’s, others aren’t as quick to accept the pizza from the campus location.  
Alex Carlson, junior business management major said the pizza at Domino’s was greasy.  
“It’s usually not like this,” Carlson said.  “I had to pat it down a lot.”
The original combo deal at Sbarro was a slice of pizza, a breadstick and a drink for five dollars. The new combo is two extra large slices and a soft drink for seven bucks.  
Sbarro manager Sean Nikman scoffed at the mention of Domino’s and said, “Just as the saying goes, often imitated, never duplicated.”  
Business must still be going okay at Sbarro, for now.
Only time will tell if Sbarro and Domino’s can coexist in such close proximity. For now, it seems like students prefer Domino’s as the better option for the price and quality.


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