Best Coast bring songs of life and love to LA

The greatest remedy for insecurities from growing up, relationship pains or homesickness can be found in an evening of fun live music.
California native band, Best Coast, takes these troubles and faces them head-on with music that they say is “inspired by life, love and everything else.”  Best Coast is comprised of Bethany Cosentino (vocals and guitar) and Bobb Bruno (various instruments).
Saturday evening, the alternative band rocked the stage at the Observatory in Santa Ana.
A pool of underage concertgoers became rowdy after hearing the first few riffs from Cosentino and Bruno pulsing throughout the room.
“I love how I can always count on Orange County to start a mosh pit,” Cosentino said after the first song.
From there, the band’s soft and heartfelt songs were mixed in with their California-inspired upbeat jams, from their albums “Crazy for You” and “The Only Place.”
The all-ages show drew in a rainbow of fans, from free-spirited adults to young punks who were seeking a wild time. The patrons on the lowest dance floor were easily the craziest. They went on to crowd-surf, mosh and, at one point, threw a giant inflatable microphone onto the stage, which Cosentino laughed at and kicked behind her.
The band’s ability to slow down the insanity in the front proved useful and was done so with their somber songs “Do You Love Me Like You Used To?,” “Boyfriend” and “Our Deal,” all of which lamented the confusion of young relationships and the pains of wondering where a couple stands, with lyrics like “I wish you would tell me how you really feel, but you’ll never tell me, ’cause that’s not our deal.”
Aside from several crowd surfers who took their excitement a little too far and were asked to leave the pit, the biggest issue was the lack of air conditioning in the venue. Cosentino even referred to the communal discomfort.
“It’s really hot in here!” she said, before wiping the sweat off her forehead with the sleeve of her plain white sweater.
The night was light-hearted and easy-going, with the band members joking with each other and the audience. At one point, Cosentino began playing a lesser-known song “Mean Girls,” before stopping several guitar riffs in.
“Wait, f–k that,” Cosentino said commenting on a mistake she had made. “Sorry guys, that happens once every Best Coast show.


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