Band ‘casts its spell’ on music scene

The indie band So Many Wizards is casting its spell with dreamy pop tunes on the Los Angeles music scene, with band members Nima Kazerouni (guitar, keyboard, vocals), Erik Felix (drums), Frank Maston (guitar), and Geoff Geis’ (bass).

So Many Wizards started out in Long Beach as Kazerouni’s solo project, but when Kazerouni needed a band for his live performances, friends helped him out and formed the band.
“Long Beach is our second home,” Feliz said. “We have played shows at the Prospector, Alex’s Bar, The Basement Lounge, Que Sera, and we even played at the First Friday event at the aquarium in February.”

The band has taken on the genre “Bedroom Pop,” which is a sound created by Kazerouni when he first started writing songs in his bedroom.

“Our sound developed from those early bedroom songs and took on a dreamy undertone,” Felix said. “With the band members the sound has expanded, but at its core it still has that dreamlike sound.”

Bands like My Bloody Valentine and Black Tambourines influence So Many Wizards, but they are mostly influenced by French pop music from the ’60s. Their unique sound has developed a following. Their records, “Tree” and “Love Songs For When You Leave Me” have sold well on their website, and on itunes.

The band’s goal is to make something that is as exciting as the music that first inspired them, and to contribute to the community that showed them that anyone can make music.
Their next album is due out August 16, and the single “Lose Your Mind” is now available on iTunes. Their next show is June 1 at the Home Room in Los Angeles. They are also set to play at the Make Music Pasadena festival.

To learn more about So Many Wizards, visit their website somanywizards.com.

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