ASI treasurer candidates discuss the merits of their platforms

Jordan Cattuzzo

After transferring to CSU Long Beach as a nutrition and dietetics major in the fall of 2009, I fell in love with this campus. I became actively involved in Petra, a community service organization. I learned a lot and was able to be involved in some amazing and humbling events: I’ve volunteered at Breakaway Ride Event (Breakaway from Cancer), helped feed the homeless at a homeless drop in center, participated in JDRF Walk for Juvenile Diabetes, been involved in multiple beach clean ups, helped out at Orangewood College and Career Fair to help get foster kids into college, dedicated my time to the LA Food Bank, and helped out at the American Diabetes Association: Step Out Walk. I am also actively involved with the Navigators and currently have a job working with adolescents with eating disorders. I feel community service shows dedication and heart as well as being aware of the problems in the community and society. It also shows a person’s willingness to put in their own effort and time to make a difference.

I have been involved in SDA: Student Dietetic Association and I am now an officer of this organization. I also am the treasurer for the College of Health and Human Services Student Council, where I have worked with our current Associated Students Inc. treasurer on such activities as our college budget and Spring Allocations. I have helped disperse funding to clubs in our organization who have needed it, as well as help throw CHHSSC’s Fall Mixer, and do funding for our organizations Health and Safety Fair and Healthy Aging Event. These positions have educated me on ASI and have really been able to show me how much a person can do in this position to help the students of Cal State Long Beach. 

My main goal is to help the students of this university by staying involved and letting students, clubs, and organizations know about what funding is available to them. I want students to know how important their voice is and to have them be able to come to me with any issue so I can be able to help bring about change. Whether it’s through fighting against budget cuts, or finding new ways for students to be able to find the funding and financial aid they need to continue their education, I have plans to make receiving financial aid more accessible. Such as making scholarships more available to students through the use of Beachsync and a website that will make it easier for students to sort through what funding they are eligible for. I know what it’s like to struggle with receiving financial aid, and going to school full time and working. Because I know the struggles that most students face financially, I know the necessary changes that need to be made. So please help me to create the change you want to see on campus. Vote for Jordan Cattuzzo for ASI Treasurer. Thank you and GO BEACH!!!

Jose Espeleta

Dear 49ers,

My name is Jose Espeleta, candidate for ASI Treasurer, and I want to thank the Daily 49er for giving me the opportunity to reach to all of you. Although it is impossible for me to meet every single one of you, I feel that it is important that my platform is clear. I had the opportunity to hear student concerns and stories over these past few weeks and there is one that I would like to share with you. A student came up to me to tell me how she has been affected by the budget cuts and how she runs the risk of dropping out of school because of the rising costs of tuition. As a student leader, I feel that it is my responsibility to do everything I can to help the thousands of students currently struggling within our university. If elected Associate Students Inc. treasurer, I would work to the best of my ability to provide students the means to succeed. The Daily 49er has asked how I differ from my competitor and why I am qualified for this position. First, I am sure that Jordan has carefully considered her platform. However, I’ve had a year in student government as Senator of the College of Business looking into ASI finances, looking into ways to let all students know how they can benefit from our resources. Right now, the organizations get a lot of our help, but I feel that all our students deserve a chance to pursue their goals with the help of their student government. 

While I think both of us have financial knowledge, I have had more time to look into how we can save money and increase efficiency within ASI. We are in a financial crisis, and it’s going to be important for someone to be prepared to confront the obstacles facing all of us from day one. For example, this past year we launched a program called Beachsync. Many of our students still aren’t aware this program exists, and it is something I wish to grow. Once it’s fully implemented, Beachsync will provide an excellent opportunity to spread the word on grants and scholarships, so that more students apply and take advantage of resources that could be vital to those in danger of dropping out. With this in mind, I want everyone on campus to know that last Wednesday we finished creating $25,000 in new scholarships for students. 

Our school is facing major challenges and we need a treasurer who can meet them head on and help students flourish. I am looking forward to working with all students to ensure that, despite budget cuts, we can still give students the opportunity to be successful. I’ve greatly enjoyed expanding opportunities available to students as a senator, and I will work to the best of my abilities to serve you again. Please vote Jose Espeleta for ASI Treasurer.
For more information, email me at asitreasurer@gmail.com and I will be more than happy to assist you.

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