San Francisco’s Forrest Day rocks the Prospector

The Prospector Steakhouse and Saloon on Seventh Street was host to another night of live music on Tuesday. Fortunately on this particular night, Forrest Day performed and stood out above the rest. From their lyrics to their musical style, Forrest Day was definitely a pleasant surprise in variety.

The San Francisco-based band was one of three bands that performed Tuesday night at the saloon. Colossal Rex and Pastelevision had performed before and after Forrest Day, respectively, but couldn’t hold a flame to the unique sound that is Forrest Day. While Colossal Rex had a received applause here and there, and Pastelevision obviously had the most audience support on the floor, Forrest Day was something completely different and earned the loud applause and chants for “one more song” by the end of their six-song set.

Forrest Day’s genre is a little hard to pinpoint. Their sound infuses rock, hip-hop, reggae and more in a cluster of pleasurable multiplicity. Their genre is a blend of great taste that had everyone in the small bar with their eyes on the stage or on the televisions screen above the bar projecting an overall look at the band.

Lead singer and alto saxophone player, Forrest Day, provided a sense of early Sublime with catchy choruses, such as the song “If You Do,” that were easily picked up by the crowd to sing along to.

Music provided by the rest of the band was in sync and admirable with their sense of swing and jazzy sound, like the band Squirrel Nut Zippers, especially due in part by Nick Wyner (keyboard) and Jasper Skydecker (drums). The audience felt the mixed genre; it had practically forced everyone to bob their head to the steady rhythm. Unlike the other bands, Day definitely had remarkable control of his vocals, that transitioned from his ska-styled rapping to bursts of singing. In addition, his slower songs showed off tempo and vocal control that resemble Jack Johnson.

And unlike the other two bands that played that evening, the background music was not overbearing. It was refreshing to actually be able to understand the lyrics to the songs instead of having the bass ring in the ears.

The lyrics felt much more than just a voice, but like a comedic truth that brought a smile to the audience. For example, in the song “Everybody’s F–king with My Mind,” lyrics such as “Damn, I feel sorry for college graduates; It blows my mind every single time, how you’re all dead and think you got ahead” had unfortunately made age-appropriate audience members nod. They are definitely a band that wants to be heard and understood.

Although the band was genuinely unique, visually Forrest Day was not as entertaining to watch. This could have been due to the fact that the stage at the Prospector was very limited. At one point during the last song, guitarist Terrell Liedstrand and bassist John Sankey did attempt to move a bit more. Otherwise, the most entertaining feature of the band was Day’s ability to rap creatively. Still, Forrest Day is a band worth checking out.

For more information and tour dates, visit ForrestDay.com.

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