‘Breaking Dawn’ film ‘suspenseful,’ ‘intriguing’

Another dark, romantic film of the “Twilight Saga” was released last weekend finally fulfilling the anxious hopes of all die-hard “Twilight” fans.

Within the first five minutes of “Breaking Dawn,” Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), already had his shirt off, which easily provokes many female viewers to squeal with excitement in the theaters.

The film starts off with Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) wedding. The anxious couple prepares themselves for the journey they are about to embark on, whilst the lingering question of exactly when Bella will be turned into a vampire is not entirely sure. When conflicts arise at the wedding, it is revealed that Bella and Edward plan to celebrate their Honeymoon night just like any other newlyweds — Bella wants to lose her virginity before changing into a vampire.

When Bella misses her period, she and Edward begin to worry. The rest of the film plays out Bella’s mysterious pregnancy — which should have been impossible, since Edward is a vampire. Bella struggles with the pregnancy and is told she may have to die in order to have the child. Through this, Jacob and Edward becoming increasingly concerned and must choose between their long-lasting rivalry or overcoming their differences in order to save Bella.

Lautner and Pattinson (Edward Cullen) clearly play the all-star hotties of the film, but both also give excellent performances in Breaking Dawn.

Lautner shows a much softer and passionate side to his character in this film. Jacob has always stayed loyal to his love for Bella, even when Bella has chosen another man. Even through all this, Lautner is able to portray a character struggling between the need to protect his beloved Bella and from just outright hurt from unrequited love.

Pattinson also gives a noteworthy performance in “Breaking Dawn.” Of course, he plays a heartthrob — and, in most cases, his appearance on the screen is enough to please the audience — but he is able to add seriousness and urgency to his character in this film. He shows his darker side as well, revealing an intimate secret from his past to Bella.

Also, “Breaking Dawn” does an extraordinary job in keeping the film appropriate for its audience. Although the film is moving up in more adult-type situations that some people may deem too “racy” for teens, the movie does address those situations involving lust, sex and teenagers in a way that still promotes the morality of true love.

The film also has noteworthy special effects. The werewolves look very realistic, especially when talking and during the action scenes. There is a lot more dialogue with the werewolves in “Breaking Dawn,” and they successfully show raw emotion and expression on their faces.

Also, is it impressive how the filmmakers were able to alter Stewart’s body to portray her being sick. In the movie, she becomes ill while pregnant, and she appears almost skeleton-like and near death.

The film in itself is much more fast-paced than the previous two “Twilight” films. In every scene of the movie, something new happened. The struggles that are brought up in this movie are also very unexpected and keep audiences wondering what will happen next.

“Breaking Dawn” is one of the more enjoyable movies of the “Twilight Saga,” simply because it is able to keep things moving fast, and keep the audience entertained. Even for people who aren’t fans of “Twilight,” the movie is still very easy to follow along with and is intriguing.

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