Be in the scene this Halloween

Even though college students are arguably too old for trick-or-treating, dressing up is still accepted and encouraged for Halloween-themed parties.

Students spend all year talking about costume ideas — creative, funny, sexy, cute and original. The most trending topics this year are career, superhero and homemade costumes.

Popular career women choices for costumes include classics such as a nurse or a cop. A nurse outfit can be made complete with cute accessories such as stethoscopes and a pack of band-aids handy to add a personal touch.

To complete a cop costume for both guys and girls, accessories like handcuffs, a badge a miniature black tie to add a little style should be added.

Superhero costumes have also been increasingly popular. A popular choice for guys is the classic Superman. Guys can be a Superman/Clark Kent mix by wearing a Superman T-shirt under a nice white button-down shirt with a black tie and glasses.

Popular choices for ladies are Wonder Woman and Robin from “Batman.” Wonder Woman is popular because the costume requires a cute dress and shirt. This outfit can be made complete with knee-high red boots, a golden tiara and a cape.

Robin is also becoming a favorite for a costume choice. With a metallic red shirt and matching green skirt, this outfit can be easily completed with a black eye mask and black boots.

Lastly, some of the handmade ones. Trending ideas for 2011 are Indian, hippie, Snooki, Lady Gaga and schoolgirl. These are all ideas that are original yet are affordable and can be made on your own without just buying a one-piece costume.

For an Indian or Hippie, you can go to your nearest thrift store and find a dress or a shirt and skirt that fit the Indian or hippie costume. For headpieces, anything with feathers or brown leather can piece together the Indian look. For the hippie look, more retro-looking headbands can be used.

Snooki, of “Jersey Shore” fame, will be a popular choice this year, and can be done easily by wearing any club attire. A sparkly dress, along with a lot of bronzer make-up and a poofy, teased hairstyle completes this outfit.

Lady Gaga has had so many different outfit choices this year — and all of them are Halloween appropriate. She has her infamous meat dress, her American flag outfit and her crazy, iconic hairstyles. Some of these outfits are relatively easy to achieve, such as the American flag outfit because it is available at Party City. For her hair, YouTube videos are available that give tutorials on how to achieve her hairstyles, such as creating a bow with your hair.

And the classic schoolgirl outfit is always a favorite. This outfit is cheap and requires only a skirt, white button-down blouse, knee high socks, and a cute hairstyle in either pigtails or a ponytail. 

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