Speaker discusses the importance of product branding

The College of Business Administration Notable Speakers Series has invited Sasha Strauss, managing director of Innovation Protocol, to share his award-winning expertise today on brand strategy.
Strauss will give Cal State Long Beach students and alumni an overview of brand strategy with his lecture “Branding 101,” held in the CBA building 140A at 7 p.m.

Strauss has more than 14 years of experience in brand development and has led programs for major companies, including Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay and Adobe.

“[The] relationship between a provider of [a] product or service and
the consumer, that connection is all summarized in the brand,” Strauss

He explains the importance of a company’s brand strategy in biblical terms.
“In religion you have the 10 commandments and everything else is sort of commentary, in that regard. Brand strategy is the establishment of
those 10 commandments of companies — those definitions of who they are
and why they matter.”

Strauss will be speaking about the connection between the company, a
brand and the individual. He will explain how branding influences and
controls the way other people consume and observe a product or company. He will also be covering the foundational concepts of branding, answering the questions: “How do you build a brand? Why does it matter? What is it made up of?”

According to Innovation Protocol’s Web site, “Brand Strategy is the
combat-plan of communications, and ideas are the engines of war.”
Innovation Protocol works exclusively with, “organizations that are
somehow changing the nature of the market they target.”

Comparing their vision of brand strategy through business glasses,
Innovation Protocol says they approach the brand as a necessary tool
with out emotions but with precision.

Strauss will also speak on how the importance of branding has risen
above advertising, marketing and public relations and the changing
relationships between these structures.

“Advertising, marketing and public relations thrive when the brand is
well built,” Strauss said.

“Branding is everything from the logo, to market placement, to knowing
your audience, to the message you’re delivering and the time you’re
delivering the message. It encompasses a number of components,” said
CBA director of development, Ryan McKinney.

Although this event is put on by the CBA, Dean Michael E. Solt
stresses branding is not just for businesses or business majors.

“Each and every individual is trying to achieve greater success in
their careers, and if you can create a branding of yourself it might
help you distinguish yourself in the market place,” he said.

A professor at the University of Southern California’s Annenberg
School for Communication as well as an expert on strategic brand
development, Strauss has worked with high profile companies, graduate
programs and presidential candidates.

The Notable Speaker Series is a free event. However, attendees are
required to register on the event Web site,
www.csulb.edu/colleges/cba. Visitors can purchase a parking pass for
$4 at the yellow kiosk in Lot 15.

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