Chug, chug, chug at the Long Beach pubs

Tracy’s Bar and Grill
By Kim Morgan, Staff Writer

Tracy’s Bar and Grill is a medium-sized pub center on Spring St. It offers fun for all ages with pool tables, arcade games and live entertainment. Bar goers can tune in to sports and watch movies on any of the 15 televisions.

The pub, which opened in 1994, welcomes visitors in a unique way. Before heading through the long entry hallway, a sign outside the door says, “Come in peace or don’t come at all!”

Inside the bar are three rooms: one devoted to the restaurant portion and the other two for the bar area. Large lit up racecars hover over the pool tables in the middle room, while arcade games like “2005 Golden Tee” hug the back wall.

Guinness posters, photo collages of past events and memorabilia hang on the brick walls. Three giant landscape paintings that evoke Ireland cover the walls in the dining area.

Tracy’s welcomes all ages to its restaurant portion. The bar crowd contains all adult ages, but seems to attract more young adults.
Tracy’s has its own special happy hour called “555,” where five items from the menu cost $5 each. These discounted items include Tracy’s sliders, corned beef tacos, garlic fries, BBQ pork sliders and New York deli corned beef sandwich.

A fun event happens at Tracy’s everyday. According to the calendar on the Web site, karaoke will take place Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays this month, and live entertainment from bands such as the Johnnies and Corday will usually occur on the weekends. The pub also welcomes disc jockeys — DJ White Chocolate will spin tracks on March 20.

What stands out the most at Tracy’s is the menu. Nearly every food item has a creative name. The bar serves “cluckers,” or chicken sandwiches, including the “Hot Chick Clucker” with spicy mayonnaise and peppers, and Carolyn’s “Mother” Clucker, which contains bacon, avocado and Swiss cheese.

Tracy’s hot dogs are named after dog breeds, like the Boston Bull, which contains baled hams and mustard. There is also the Mutt, which is what the bar calls the “plain lonely dog.”

There are only a few Irish dishes on the menu, but they are the traditional items one would find at a pub. The Irisher is a sandwich filled with corned beef, mustard and pickles, while potato skins come with a variety of toppings including grilled chicken, cheese, onions and barbecue sauce.

Tracy’s will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the traditional Irish way by serving corned beef and cabbage. The Johnnies will perform at 8 p.m.

Tracy’s Bar and Grill is located at 5511 E. Spring St.


Quinn’s Irish Pub
by Jacqueline Aguirre, Contributing Writer

Don’t be fooled by the small size of Quinn’s Irish Pub. This small, yet remote pub has everything to offer on St. Patrick’s Day. The pub will be open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and will serve food and drinks all day.

Traditional corned beef and cabbage will be sold as well as their famous green beer, which is a combination of a light beer with food coloring.

For the stronger drinkers, besides national and international beer on tap, Quinn’s also offers a variety of hard alcoholic drinks including lemon drop shots, margaritas and cape cods to name a few.

For other Paddy’s Day specials you can get two corned beef tacos or a corned beef sandwich for five dollars, a jumbo hot dog steamed in beer for three dollars and potato salad for two dollars.

Manager Audrey Brecht said Quinn’s is packed every Paddy’s Day with a line out the door. With over 800 wristbands sold last year, it’s no wonder why this place is such a hit.

The pub has a quaint yet sophisticated feeling with a wall decorated with photographs of different Irish and English pubs taken by the owner’s husband, an electric train on the ceiling and lit-up green shamrock lights around the pub.

There are also video games like Miss Pacman and a bagpipe player who sing Irish folk songs and classics like “Amazing Grace.” Each employee will be dressed up to represent their Irish pride and Brecht says there will be dancing by both the employees and the customers.

Ladies, be cautious for there is only one bathroom and one porta-potty, so make sure you spread out your drinking. There is no cover charge but this pub is only for those 21 and over. Once you’re in, you will be greeted with a set of beads and a ton of happy faces.
Quinn’s Irish Pub is located at 200 Nieto Ave.

Murphy’s Irish Pub
By Jacqueline Aguirre, Contributing Writer

Upstairs through the “Hall of Hops” on 2nd Street, you will find Murphy’s Pub. Though a bit of a climb for the average pub crawler, Murphy’s provides you with a casual bar setting complete with a fantastic view of 2nd Street.

The pub will be open from 11 a.m. to midnight on St. Patrick’s Day and will serve the Irish corned beef and cabbage. Beer is sold on tap as well as in bottles. Green beer will also be sold this year.

The pub will sell Patty’s Day T-shirts that cost $17. If you sport this T-shirt on the day of, you get a dollar off any beer and move to the front of the order line, which is like VIP in a bar.

Murphy’s is famous for their “Hall of Hops” card that lets you try all 70 of their beers. After you get each number stamped, you get your face on the wall of fame.

Englishman and regular Steve Hotchin is proud to have just made it to the wall of fame. He says he likes Murphy’s because “it feels like a real English pub.” Leave it to a native from England to certify its authenticity.

Murphy’s is located at 4918 E. 2nd St.

Gallagher’s Pub & Grill
By Anni Saastamoinen, Assistant News Editor

Gallagher’s is a handsome pub in the scruffy, intriguing way Irish men are represented in TV shows. And this pub has a very strong, charming Irish accent to go with the look.

As I walked in, a man in a leprechaun costume greeted me. Immediately I realized this really was an Irish pub, and not only because of the name, but because of everything. The walls were covered with everything Irish, varying from flags to old Irish blessings and Guinness posters, not to mention the three-leafed-clovers hanging from the walls.

The pub crowd was enjoying the music of The American Wake, Gallagher’s regular Irish band, while consuming beer. When the band stopped playing, Flogging Molly’s tunes took over the pub. This is a pub where music is always Irish-themed, with no sign of Lady Gaga, thank goodness.

Gallagher’s is a cozy bar and the atmosphere is friendly. The bartenders take good care of their customers, immediately ready to help when their pints are empty.

People in the pub varied in age from early twenties to older pub-goers.

The pub also has an outside patio for those who either want a beer with a view or with a cigarette.

“We have the biggest St. Paddy’s party in Long Beach,” said Ian Stewart, a bartender.

“St. Paddy’s is going to be crazy!” bartender Mandi Ireton said smiling, obviously looking forward to the day yet to come. Gallagher’s will make people happy with not only their alcoholic beverages, but also their traditional Irish food to go with the green brew.

According to Ireton, four people will work behind the bar for the enitre day on St. Paddy’s to pour people pints of green beer. Domestic pints set you back only $4, while a pint of Guinness costs $5. The pub also serves beer in pitchers, with domestics costing $11 and imports for $12.

This place is definitely worth a visit any night, but especially on St. Paddy’s. Stewart also mentioned something about leprechauns wandering around the pub on St. Paddy’s, so you might want to be careful about downing Guinness, Jameson and green shots, because you might end up waking next to a little green man.
Gallagher’s is located at 2751 E. Broadway.


The Auld Dubliner
By Trishian Bucheli, Assistant City Editor

The Auld Dubliner is
the place to go when looking for an authentic Irish Pub in Long Beach to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day any day of the year.

Many Long Beach natives recommend the Dubliner as the best pub in town. With such high standards, it still does not disappoint.

As you approach the pub its appearance looks rather small, and it makes you think it might just be another small hole in the wall place. However, as you enter you notice that it is a very large room. The place is decorated from wall to wall with authentic Irish décor.

“Everything except for the floor has been imported from Ireland,” said Jeff Bowles, bartender.

The place is light and airy, has a round bar top in the middle of the room, and tables along the walls, making it a roomy place. Hanging out here will make you feel like you just stepped into a local pub in a village in Ireland.

Even though there are Guinness and Jameson Irish whiskey advertisements on the walls, none of them are cheesy neons and they all blend well with the place.

The Dubliner sells more Guinness than any other restaurant in the vicinity, Bowles said. The drinks here are tall and worth your money. The bar is well stocked with various kinds of alcohol if you don’t want to order the house favorites.

“We have the best Irish whiskey selection that you would find anywhere around here,” Bowles said.

You receive great service and the bartenders really take the time to get to know their customers.

“It’s my favorite place of all places, this is my Cheers,” said John Flaherty, a Dubliner patron.

“The bar has authentic Irish bands playing on the weekends that will play traditional Irish music, or traditional Irish rock,” Bowler said.

The Dubliner serves authentic Irish dishes such as corned beef and cabbage and fish and chips from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.

On St. Patrick’s Day, the bar will celebrate during the day at the same time as it will be celebrated in Ireland, Bowler said. They will have two Irish bands playing. Inish Free will play traditional Irish music from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Hoist the Colors will play folk rock from 9 p.m. until close. They will also have bagpipe players, authentic Irish food and plenty of Guinness.

The Dubliner is located at 71 S. Pine Ave.

Clancy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant
By Anni Saastamoinen, Assistant News Editor

A couple of steps from the corner of Alamitos and Broadway, and suddenly you’re embraced by the cozy dim lightning of the Irish pub.

The sight of people sitting at the bar counter with beers and food in front of them immediately invites you to take a seat and order a beer or some food. The price level in Clancy’s is suitable for a college student’s wallet, as domestic pints cost $3.50 and a pint of Guinness $5.50.

St. Patrick’s Day will bring bagpipes to Clancy’s to entertain — and deafen — the people getting drunk, just as they are supposed to on a day of this particular saint. The party people can also enjoy Irish music played by a disc jockey starting at 7 p.m. St. Paddy’s specials in Clancy’s will include some traditional Irish food, including Irish breakfast starting at 8 a.m., fish and chips and a whiskey special.
Laura Conlen, Clancy’s bartender, expects St. Paddy’s day to get busy, as it always has.

“All the bartenders and the waiting staff are probably going to sell $500 to $600 per hour,” Conlen said.

Clancy’s has been standing in the corner of Broadway and Alamitos since the mid-sixties. The general crowd in Clancy’s is a bit older with a few college-aged students downing beers somewhere in the corner of the restaurant. However, it seems that most people in Clancy’s remember the moon landing, but that doesn’t make Clancy’s anything but interesting.

Clancy’s might not be the biggest pub around, but it’s not the smallest one either. It is a pleasant little watering hole, located between a gay bar, car wash and sushi restaurant. And in a city like Long Beach, while all of those are indeed needed, Clancy’s might be the only one packed full of drunken people on St. Paddy’s Day. The reason for that most probably is its Irish charm.

Clancy’s is located at 803 E. Broadway.


KC Branaghan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant
By Kim Morgan, Staff Writer

KC Branaghan’s is just one of many pubs located on 2nd street in Long Beach. Situated in Naples, the pub, which was established in 2007, may appear small on the outside but actually has a roomy interior.

Mahogany covers every piece of furniture inside KC’s. High tables and stools sit between the bar and large booths.

The owner, George Sabbagh, took great care in making the Irish pub appear authentic. The atmosphere will make visitors feel like they are in Ireland.

The menu contains mostly Irish dishes. The traditional Irish breakfast includes eggs, banger, Irish bacon, blood sausage, potatoes, mushrooms, tomatoes and soda bread. The pub also serves fish and chips, bangers and mash and shepherd’s pie.

One other notable menu item is the boxty, which is a potato pancake stuffed with a variety of fillings. The pub also introduces Irish vocabulary on their signs, which include sayings like “Failte Isteach,” which means “Welcome In.”

What make KC’s even more authentic are the display items that sit on shelves and hang on the walls: fiddles, antique photographs and old books. Additionally, old-fashioned lanterns hang over the bar.

Aside from Guinness posters and other drink advertisements, there are both a large photograph and a life sized cutout of the Dos Equis mascot known as “the most interesting man in the world.”

The pub plays old classic and contemporary tunes ranging from Queen’s “Under Pressure” to Foo Fighter’s “Learn to Fly.”

The pub offers a special almost every day including $6 for appetizers on Mondays and $15.99 for filet mignon on Wednesdays.

KC Branaghan’s will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by selling “I’m pinchable” pins for $3 each.

The pub is located at 5734 E. 2nd St.


by Trishian Bucheli, Assistant City Editor

O’Connell’s Bar has serviced Long Beach residents for many years. Everyone who lives near this neighborhood dive bar comes in for a low-price drink and a chance to hang out with friends on a night when they just want to lay low.

O’Connell’s has two rooms. As you enter you have the bar top on your left and plenty of tables. In the second room, there are two pool tables, a shuffle board, a jukebox and a few touch screen dollar games.

The first thing one will notice about the place is that it has many flat screen televisions for its small interior. There are no lights overhead in the bar area so the only lighting you will get is from the flat screen televisions. The second room is lighted up by the over lamps of the two pool tables.

The décor is not much different from any local dive bar other the large clover drawn on the ceiling, an Irish flag on a wall and clovers decorating the bar. There is no room for the alcohol advertisements on the wall, which is why th ceiling is decorated with a lot of poster boards.

The bar only has a few beers on tap, but of course Guinness is one of them. It has a good selection of alcohol and the price for drinks here is very cheap. The friendly bartender knows his way around the bar and gives fast service.

O’Connell’s is a good place to go to relax and shoot some pool with friends. The music is played by a jukebox, but it is not too loud so you can still have a conversation with your friends.

The place is packed every year for St. Patrick’s Day and, to the people who would love to get a head start on the celebrating, O’Connell’s will be open at 6 a.m. They will have drink specials serve as a great place to just have a few drinks and be Irish for the day.

O’Connell’s is located at 2746 E. 4th St.



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