COLUMN: All hail favorites

I love underdogs.

I have the Rocky DVD’s to prove that I do.

The entire sports world danced the day that the Giants defeated the Patriots, making their once-in-a-lifetime undefeated season utterly pointless.

The bitterness is present in every New England fan’s eyes. and their tears taste so sweet whenever I bring this fact up. Oh. So. Sweet.

I won’t live until the USD Coyotes men’s basketball team wins the NCAA championship game against the Kansas Jayhawks. That will be the greatest day ever.

And so, in the end, a lot of people are going to root for the lowly New Orleans Saints to win the Super Bowl for the first time ever.

I’m hoping that they don’t.

I like favorites too.

I can understand why some people like underdogs and only underdogs.

From time to time, I get sick and tired of favorites too.

Who would have wanted to see the Patriots win every single Super Bowl of the 2000s? No one, that’s who.

But back to the non-creepy material folks. I could care less about who you cheer for. By all means, cheer for the underdog. Maybe the Saints will inspire us.

But for God’s sake, don’t hate the Colts.

If there’s one thing I dislike about rooting for the underdogs, it’s despising the favorite. I find it to be completely irrational and unreasonable.

OK, so if you’re a Titans, Texans, or Jaguars fan, I can understand why you hate the Colts. I’d hate them too if they always dominated my division.

If you’re a Ravens or Jets fan, I understand that too. They beat your team, so root on for the Saints. Your reasons are justified.

Everyone else’s reasons, though, are not.

What did the Colts do to you? What did Peyton Manning do to offend everyone so very much?

Did Reggie Wayne say the Colts were the greatest team ever? Did Joseph Addai ignore you blatantly on the streets? Did Indianapolis show any arrogance en route to a well deserved 14-2 record?

The answer is no, folks.

And everyone dislikes the Colts, why? Because they’re the favorite? Really?

I’m sure that the Lakers were the most hated team in sports in the early 2000s, right? When they won three titles in a row?

In all truth, why hate the favorite when they didn’t do anything to anger anyone aside from winning?

You know, you’re totally right. The Colts owe everyone an apology. Shame on them for always winning. Maybe everyone should lose.

Then, everyone will be the underdog. That works well, right?

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