Rudd and Scott make hilarious ‘Role Models’

        From the opening dialog to closing scene, “Role Models” is a non-stop laugh riot. Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott are both veterans of comedic films like “American Pie” and “40-Year-Old Virgin,” but the two have never starred in a movie together until now. The result nearly left me rolling on the floor in tears.
            The movie opens with Danny (Paul Rudd) and Wheeler, (Sean William Scott). Both work for an energy drink company where they travel to different schools to encourage teens to stay off drugs and drink their energy drink instead. Danny’s character is a cynical type who hates his life, while Wheeler is a happy-go-lucky womanizer.
            After 10 years with the energy drink company, Danny is sick of his job and takes it out on a coffee shop barista. His girlfriend (Elizabeth Banks) breaks up with him as a result, which catapults him into having a nervous breakdown at a school presentation and coming into an altercation with a tow truck operator and a police officer.
            To avoid jail time, Danny’s now ex-girlfriend, who is a lawyer, is able to work out an agreement with the judge to get Danny and Wheeler community service at a children’s facility called Sturdy Wings. The owner of Sturdy Wings, Gayle Sweeny, (Jane Lynch) is a former drug addict and alcoholic turned philanthropist. Her absurdly corny metaphorical way of delivering lines is hilarious and she plays a standout role in the film.
            Wheeler and Danny are each paired up with a child to be their “big” brother. Danny is paired with a nerdy misunderstood teen named Augie Farks — played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, known for his breakout role as McLovin in “Superbad” — and Wheeler is paired with a foul-mouthed boy named Ronnie Shields (Bobb’e J. Thompson).
            What follows is a comic series of events that brings Wheeler and Danny closer to their “littles.”
            All of the main characters in this film give outstanding performances. Rudd does an amazing job of playing the character who hates the world, Scott makes for the perfect ladies-man, Mintz-Plasse is the best nerd ever and Thompson could give Chris Rock a run for his money.
            If you thought “Pineapple Express,” “Zack and Miri” or “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” wer the funniest films of 2008, you are wrong and need to see this movie. There are very few movies that I would pay to see again in the theater and this is one of them.
Stars- 4 stars
Our View: Easily the funniest film of 2008.
Summary: A realistic adventure of two men who find enjoyment in life through two misunderstood youth.

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