Ringling Brothers come to Anaheim

The Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Baily Circus is known for staging fun and outrageous shows.

But this time, they’ve taken things “Over the Top” at the Honda Center in Anaheim. “Over the Top,” which is the title and main theme of the show, is taken literally by the cast throughout the performance.

While still maintaining the circus mood, Ringling manages to stage a family-friendly show with a simple plot line and jaw-dropping acts. The show turns into a competition between the ringmaster and the clowns as both sides battle for control of the circus.

The symbol of leadership in the circus is the ringmaster’s hat, and both sides stage a keep-a-way battle throughout the show. While this comedic showdown commences, both sides attempt to out-do one another by putting on better acts than their rival.

The judge of this contest is the audience, and the clowns attempt to appeal to the audience behind the ringmaster’s back. The acts in the Ringling Brothers’ circus are spectacular and extremely fun to watch.

With the high wire acrobatic acts, the tigers, trick riders and motorcyclists riding simultaneously in a giant metal ball, this show can accurately be called “Over the Top.” With their oversized shoes, clown outfits, red noses and crazy hair, the clowns in a circus are always looked to for comic relief.

However, the clowns in the Ringling Brothers’ circus are not the typical circus clowns. While the oversized shoes and red noses remain intact, these clowns reflect people in modern society, like the rocker clown, the hip-hop clown and the construction worker clown.

Audience participation throughout the show is a must, as the ringmaster and the clowns encourage audience members to sing and dance along with them. The clowns even invite a couple audience members into the center ring to participate in their comedy act. Audience members are also encouraged to participate in the all-access pre-show which is staged one hour before the show.

The all-access pre-show allows all audience members into the center ring to meet the cast, try on costumes, jump rope with the clowns and watch an elephant paint a picture. Outside the Honda Center, the elephants, tigers, horses, dogs and other circus animals are housed where guests can visit them.

Since many of the animals are not part of the pre-show, this set-up gives guests a change to get up close and personal.

Overall, the self-proclaimed “greatest show on Earth” put on some spectacular performances and can most definitely be called the most unique show on Earth.

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