Letter to the Editor – CSULB faculty rejects MacDonald supporters

In response to an article in the Daily Forty-Niner concerning efforts by Cal State Long Beach faculty to have the university distance itself from the white ethnocentric writings of psychology professor Kevin MacDonald, the Daily Forty-Niner published two letters defending him.

The authors – who come from outside the CSULB community – claim MacDonald is only pointing out how Jews dominate finance, politics and culture, and argue that anti-Semitism (the “bad blood” as one writer called it) is a natural reaction to Jewish behavior.

“What does the Jew have to hide?” asks one writer. Friends like these are helpful in exposing the bigotry concealed behind the scientific-sounding jargon.

One author suggests that the university is trying to silence MacDonald. In fact, the administration and the faculty stand by his right to free expression.

But as individuals (students, faculty, staff and administration) and as an institution, we also have a right and an obligation to read and take a position on what he expresses in his writings.

We encourage everyone to read MacDonald’s articles, on his own website, as well as on various separatist and white supremacist websites.

MacDonald has argued that Jews are an invasive force, threatening Western civilization, and cites positively the Nazi racial theorist Richard Lenz to argue for the unique origins of the Nordic race, and has argued for the need to use “psychology to chart a path to legitimizing and building a movement of racial defense.”

The university should distance itself from this stew of white ethnocentrism, anti-Jewish rhetoric, and shoddy argumentation.

We think it’s important that the wider community be aware that MacDonald’s work does not enjoy the respect of many of his colleagues.

– Jeffrey Blutinger, Stephanie Brown, Shelley Eriksen, Martin Fiebert, Steve Fleck, Alexandra Jaffe, Arlene Lazarowitz, Barbara LeMaster, Ron Loewe, Charles Noble, Donald Schwartz, Judith Stevenson

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