Our View – Republican Party to perform ‘sexracism’

Ladies and gentlemen of Cal State Long Beach: Step right this way for the “degradist” show on Earth. Election 2008 is effectively degenerating into a three-ring circus and the center ring is empty.

Either our nation is comprised of way too many shallow thinkers, or we are blowing a historic opportunity to end bigotry and sexism as the final barriers to U.S. political inclusion.

Certainly, the only qualification acting Sen. Hillary Clinton can really lean on is having breasts, right? Even though she has years of experience in sideline national politics and foreign policy, her only drawback is that she is a “she.” It’s difficult to imagine a judge telling the once-practicing litigator, “Miss Clinton, will you please fix your mascara.”

And the only reason to consider Barack Obama is that his skin is darker than the other candidates, true? Besides being another sitting U.S. senator, was magna cum laude at Harvard Law School, or having proven he can excel at anything he engages, viability as a candidate will fall back on his blackness.

Practically every political pundit now breaks down candidate appeal according to varying demographics. The top hack renderings are dominated with analyses that are broken down statistically, and lead with “percentage among women voters age,” or “among white men age,” or “numbers among blacks” and “strongly backed by Latinos.”

Down the page, in smaller headlines, are less important considerations like “position on immigration reform,” “has a good plan for health care,” “will strengthen the economy,” or “will bring our troops home.”

Election year is the quadrennial parade that allows us the opportunity for an insightful exposé of the character wishing to have the most recognizable photo on the planet. While the voter is concerned with the direction a new president might take the country, or the world, we resort to judging hair style, exposable cleavage, Grammy Awards or degree of whiteness.

Rather than waiting for the other shoe – or high heel – to drop, we should be focusing on listening to ideas, innovation and solutions.

The same could be said about the Republican Party’s creativity, complexion and/or gender options but it lacks in those categories. Sen. John McCain is in a good spot. He doesn’t have to worry about his supporters collapsing as a result of insignificant racial or sexual differences.

McCain’s camp is pretty secure. The tent is pitched, the fire is lit and somebody is already planning to barbecue donkey. The only one on the planet refusing to admit it is Mike Huckabee. When he’s done with his nipple twisting, his party will bring him in line.

McCain’s party nod will leave the lone elephant in charge of the circus.

The left ring will feature his shoe-in – or high heel-in – opponent, who will be exhausted on the inside and partying on the outside. Neither Obama nor Clinton will be prepared for the GOP barrage awaiting them after several months of battling each other.

Smear campaigns and vilification of the other gal/guy (as well as publishing any skeleton one can shake out of the closet) are what we can expect as the campaign progresses.

One way or another, the loser of the upcoming contest will likely be determined by her makeup or his complexion, not by content of character or potential to effect change for a national psyche so desperately in need.

And then it’s McCain’s turn to direct the show.

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