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The great thing about Long Beach is that there is usually a bar on every corner, but it might be hard to distinguish which one is college friendly. Luckily, a little taste of Ireland is found at Gallagher’s Pub and Grill, a fantastic restaurant and bar that is tucked away in the heart of Long Beach. Located on Broadway and Temple, about 10 minutes from campus, this joint offers daily specials and live music.

The ambiance of the restaurant will keep you coming back to enjoy the everyday festivities. Owned and operated by a true Irishman, Ciaran Gallagher has gone to great lengths to make this place more than just a bar. The walls are decorated with memorabilia and funny Irish quotes that will keep you entertained for hours. Besides all the cool wall art, flat screen televisions hang everywhere for the enjoyment of all the big games.

The layout of the restaurant is meant for any type of person. When you enter you have the choice of sitting in high tables in the bar area and being served by a friendly cocktail waitress, or you can opt out for the booth area for a more intimate meal. You can take a seat on the patio to enjoy the Long Beach scene. No matter where you choose to sit, there is always a way to look at a television.

Once inside, do not expect a quiet atmosphere, but do expect to see a familiar face. The regulars that tend to occupy the bar area are fun, loud and the exact reason why you can fall in love with this place. Plus, the owner and his girlfriend Erin are usually behind the bar to serve you up any concoction your taste buds aspire for. The staff is friendly and they enjoy making customers’ visits to Gallagher’s memorable. Their personalities range from witty to sweet, and they will always have smiles on their faces.

Gallagher’s is not discriminatory against any day of the week and always enjoys a crowd, so they offer a special everyday. The food specials vary each day and are prepared to perfection. Wednesday is the night to belly up to the bar, grab a few friends, grab a pitcher of the finest beer and participate in the quiz game, which becomes more difficult after a few drinks. Thirsty Thursdays offer $8 domestic pitchers and $10 imported ones. Live entertainment awe the crowd on Fridays and Saturdays. Get there early because these nights get packed. If you are not a night person but need a break from studying, stop on by Saturday or Sunday morning to enjoy $5 bottomless mimosa’s with an entrée.

No matter what day of the week you choose to celebrate, Gallagher’s is the place to be if you want a friendly “Cheers” type of atmosphere. It is large enough to hold big groups and a different scene from Second Street.

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