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School rivalry article doesn’t hit home with 49ers

In the Monday, Feb. 26 article in the Daily Forty-Niner, titled “Cal State Long Beach needs a true college rivalry- badly,” Allison Baldwin wrote an article conveying her belief that Cal State Long Beach is in need of a rival.

      Unfortunately, she failed to realize whose responsibility it is to get one. Baldwin’s article appeared to be nothing more than a vague cry of dissatisfaction directed somewhere up the chain of command. Apparently, she decided to direct her gripe to our university president, F. King Alexander.

      Tell me: How is President Alexander supposed to start a rivalry? Is he any more well equipped to start a rivalry than you or me? What is he going to do, issue an official statement/insult to area schools? “To UC Irvine, Cal State Fullerton, and all related students, faculty, and staff: your collective mothers wear combat boots.” Yeah, that’ll go over real well.

       Our apparent lack of a school rival is not the fault of Alexander. If anyone can be blamed, it’s the student body. Are you familiar with the origins of the tradition behind the USC-UCLA Victory Bell trophy? It wasn’t created by the university president through official channels. It was created by a few ambitious USC fraternity members who stole the bell from the UCLA campus.

      So why do we expect Alexander to initiate a rivalry on our behalf? We have to do this ourselves. Baldwin, that includes you. Rather than crying to the university president, I suggest you take matters into your own hands. Gather some friends and tee-pee the dorms at UC Irvine. Organize an outing to crash homecoming at Cal State Fullerton. Take action: don’t expect Alexander to take action for you. And if you need someone to join you in an off-campus expedition, just give me a call. – Andy Ross, freshman mechanical engineering major

In regards to the Feb. 26 issue column titled “Cal State Long Beach needs a true college rivalry – badly, ” I would like to make a rebuttal. The rivalry with UC Irvine is between the university and UCI, not just the Beach Pride Center and UCI. Also, there is a strong, clean, old-fashioned hatred between UCI and CSULB.

      Apparently, the writer is downplaying the importance of this rivalry to the fact that her point is significantly flawed. In all, this is an opinion I find difficult to take seriously.

  – Jo-Ryan “superfan” Salazar, senior management information systems major

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