David Copperfield to bring ‘Grand Illusion’ to Long Beach

It’s been almost 30 years since David Copperfield’s debut television special on “The Magic of ABC,” yet the world-famous illusionist continues to amaze sold-out theaters nationwide with his ever-growing arsenal of tricks. Audiences will surely be treated to the best of new and old illusions when “David Copperfield: An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion” hits the Terrace Theater at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center this Friday with performances at 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

Copperfield rose to fame in the ’80s and early ’90s with top-notch illusions that shocked the world. He walked through the Great Wall of China, levitated over the Grand Canyon and even made the Statue of Liberty disappear. Although his series of television specials ended in 2001 with “The Magic of David Copperfield XVII: Tornado of Fire,” Copperfield continues to tour the world and perform over 500 shows a year.

“Grand Illusion” will showcase seven of Copperfield’s newest innovations. He promises to reunite an audience member with a loved one anywhere in the world, perform “killer” sleight of hand with a lethal black African scorpion and even teach the audience how to predict the winning numbers of the lottery.

“For magic to be relevant it has to evolve, so it keeps up with, or even surpasses, the best film and theatre,” Copperfield said in a press release. “I want to base my work on what people really dream about. Most of us don’t dream of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. In the cinema the audience watches the characters’ dreams come true. In ‘Grand Illusion,’ the audiences get to watch their dreams come true, live, before their very eyes and in three dimensions.”

Can Copperfield help you pass Professor Mulligan’s media law class? What about get the San Diego Chargers to the Super Bowl? Get you a date with that hottie? Probably not.

But if you dream of seeing Copperfield miraculously exchange undergarments with an audience member or watch him float through solid steel, then this show will make your dreams come true.

Even with contemporary illusionists like Criss Angel putting a modern spin on illusions, they don’t package their tricks with the style and charisma that Copperfield has learned over the years. Gorgeous models, dramatic setups and modern rock are always used to entertain while distracting audience.

Copperfield’s Vegas shows reach triple digits per ticket, but the Terrace Theater tickets start at only $29.50. You get an intimate evening of grand illusion for the same price you would pay to see that KROQ band you kind of like play in that huge L.A. arena.

And if you’re lucky, it might be you who Copperfield chooses to switch undergarments with.

Tickets for “David Copperfield: An Intimate Evening of Grand Illusion” are available at the Terrace Theater box office and at Ticketmaster outlets everywhere.

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