Senators voice opinions regarding ASI Address

This week, the Associated Students Inc. meeting was replaced by a special meeting by ASI President Shefali Mistry, who addressed the ASI concerning the state of the senate.

Because this was the first-ever address given by the ASI president to the students, many of the senators said this augmentation was extremely helpful and informative to ASI.

Sen. Ashley Stanton thought the speech was “well-prepared and thought-out.”

“Last year, you really didn’t know what the [ASI] president did or what her thoughts were about the corporation,” Stanton said. “This was, I would say, a chance for us to see what the [ASI] president’s been doing, what she plans on doing this semester. So it was really informative for us senators to have something to think about and something to discuss because, really, we don’t have too much time to have in-depth discussions with her.”

Sen. Christopher Chavez similarly said the president did a “fine job speaking.” He also said, though, that ASI needs to “focus on not just promoting Associated Students Inc., but also showing how ASI affects the students.”

Sen. Chavez said he is sure that the president of ASI will address this but he added that he “would like to see a major effort on behalf of all of ASI to do that.”

Sen. James Davis also said that “this being the first address [by the

ASI president] is very good because last year, ASI didn’t have such a great reputation.”

Davis also said there are several positive things happening right now on campus. Davis commended Mistry on her achievements as president and on her services to the students at Cal State Long Beach.

“Just having somebody here to serve the students and not wanting any political gain, but just here to serve the students – that’s what we need. And I hope we continue to get great presidents like her,” Davis said.

Sen. Erin Swetland agreed with Davis in the fact that “she’s taking such initiative in being so up-front about all these student issues.”

Swetland said she is very interested in the possible campus recreation center and supports Mistry’s motives in being truly involved with that aspect. She is also concerned with the budget for next year. “I look forward to some more discussions about the budget…I think there’ll be some more stuff that we need to hammer out.”

Sen. Tasharie Ameral was disappointed by the fact that “we are continuing to not back the CSSA organization.” CSSA, or California State Students Association, is an organization that facilitates the communication between students at various CSU’s.

“She brought up excellent points…she brought up our past, our present and what we plan to do in the future,” Sen. George Del Hierro said. He also said Mistry presented what ASI planned to do very well. “She expressed how we think, what our mentality is and what we believe about in ASI.”

Sen. Philip Cendana commented that the largest point of interest to him was the possible Recreation and Wellness Center. “I think that this is a very big issue that needs to be addressed. I myself sit on the committee and am a very big supporter of it.”

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