Journalistic sin

I’ve committed a journalistic sin. I spent my winter break, well, taking a break. I only bothered to pick up a newspaper a few times. That is a no-no for a journalist. The objective of our chosen career is to keep ourselves and the public informed of what’s going on in the nation and around the globe. Once I got back to my old reading habits, it seemed like nothing much had changed: Jobs are scarce in my chosen field due to a decrease in readership and big corporations taking over the industry. We’re still at war.

And Bush is still in denial of global warming. Now, like many of my fellow human beings, I’m still puzzled about global warming. But one thing is for certain, we’re doing something to our planet. Too much of a good thing cannot last forever. Sort of like when you drink a whole lot, and pay the consequences the next mornings. We’re bound for a big Earth hangover and as glaciers melt and Al Gore worries, I’m wondering if I should change career goals.

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