Reyes family mourns loss, visits The Beach

Angela Reyes, a freshman journalism major, would have been studying for her first set of finals at Cal State Long Beach this week.

Reyes and Priscilla Cruces, both 18 and both attending their first semester of college at CSULB, were killed in a car accident on the 605 Freeway on Oct. 28.

According to CHP officer for the city of Santa Fe Springs Sgt. Randy Barge, the white Acura they were traveling in drifted off the road and crashed into a tree. The two were killed on impact.

On Wednesday, Reyes’ mother, Rose, clutched her photo in her hand as she met with CSULB President F. King Alexander and Vice President of Student Services Doug Robinson.

“It’s a tragedy for the campus family, but it’s a life-long loss for [her family],” Alexander said. “We’re here to help the family in any way we can.”

On the back of the photo Rose held in her hands was a Catholic prayer of serenity and a quotation from Descartes, “Cogito ergo sum,” which means “I think, therefore I am.” This phrase was decaled on the back windshield of Reyes’ car.

“I wasn’t quite sure how [coming to campus] would be for me,” said Angela’s father, Gary. “I find it uplifting — more of the healing process.”

Gary described Angela’s first semester as a happy one, full of success and growth. According to Gary, CSULB was Angela’s first choice. Her family said it was her dream to attend The Beach.

“We wish we could have had her a lot longer,” Alexander said, who added that he lost his wife six years ago to cancer, but could never imagine losing a child.

“My life has changed completely and I am trying so desperately to learn to live without her in it, ” said Rose. “She was my angel.”

Angela’s family met with her professors prior to joining Alexander and Robinson in his office.

Capri Moreno, a freshman communications major, was Angela’s roommate. She laughed as she remembered Angela jogging home from aerobics to get more cardio into her schedule.

Reyes graduated from Bishop Alemany High School in the San Fernando Valley last year with an award for her track and field career.

The Reyes family has set up a scholarship fund in her memory at Washington Mutual.

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