Coca-Cola takes over CSULB

The 49er Shops, which runs many of the dining venues and maintains the vending machines on campus, has recently entered into beverage contract discussions with Coca-Cola. Though talks are still under way, Coca-Cola vending machines and refrigerators have already begun to appear at Cal State Long Beach.

If approved, the proposed deal would last 10 years which is binding the school’s allegiance to the brand and its products well into 2016, according to Clint Campbell, 49er Shops contract administrator and facilities manager.

As a result, many of the water, tea and juice beverages that are not Coca-Cola products have been pulled from campus store shelves and vending machines, leaving mostly soda, Dasani water and Rockstar energy drinks, all of which are made by Coca-Cola. Under the pending terms of the contract, it was proposed that the only other beverages sold on campus will be CSULB’s Beachwater, which as of yesterday, will completely replace Dasani water, Starbucks Frappuccino drinks and Red Bull.

These are the only other drinks that will be available because the beverage contract between the mega-brand and the university will be “exclusive,” Campbell said.

When Campbell was asked about who made the decision to take away the other companies’ drinks, and if there are any plans to bring back different kinds of drinks in the future, he again referred only to the contract’s exclusivity.

Even though the new contract prevents the campus from selling beverages such as Pepsi or Dr. Pepper, some students wondered why there would not be other types of drinks to choose from since unhealthiness is a concern for some students.

“I don’t care that were sponsored by Coke,” said marketing major Jacquelyn Shaw. “I like Coke, but I don’t understand why that stops us from being able to still have the healthier choices as well?”

Journalism major Karren Burrola also said she wanted healthier options on campus.

“I don’t like how it’s harder to find healthier drinks on campus,” she said. “I don’t drink a lot of soda, so what am I supposed to do when I’m running to class and want something quick to drink that isn’t water?”

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