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It seems like Damon Wayans wants to havethe last laugh. After being warned that the use of the N-word would no longer be allowed at West Hollywood’s Laugh Factory, Wayans dropped the word 16 times, along with some $20 bills during his performance Sunday night,according to a Los Angeles Times article.

And why shouldn’t black comedians be allowed to use a word that has become part of their culture? They’ve taken an extremely negative noun and embraced it as their own. Black comedians have been using it in their repertory for decades now. When the now-infamous Michael Richards episodes invaded our computer screens via YouTube.com, he was quick to say that, like many of his fellow comedians, he was just going with the flow and that he is in no way a racist. Give me a break.

We all saw this video and there was no comedyin his words, just pure anger. So what does this say about the whole situation?

Should the word be banned completely?

I think the decision should be left to thecomedian implementing the word and not toclub owners who many not necessarilyunderstand the cultural meaning behind it.

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