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From state prison to state university

Spending any amount of time locked up in prison or jail can lead to trauma and isolation that can be disorientating. Many incarcerated individuals have found it difficult to integrate back into society and avoid slipping back into old habits. In order to combat this, a resource and job fair,[Read More…]

Project Rebound introduced in ASI Senate

A mug shot of a dirty, shaggy-haired confused man holding a prisoner number was featured on the the projector. Meanwhile, a clean-shaven man in a polo shirt and shorts spoke and pointed at the screen. “That’s me roughly 24 years ago,” he said. Before Dale Lendrum was Secretary of System[Read More…]

Second chances are coming to CSULB

Samuel Irvin spent five years of his life sitting in a jail cell for selling drugs. Now, he sits behind a desk in a classroom as a psychology major in his second year at San Francisco State University. After serving his sentence, a now 32-year-old Irvin was resigned to falling[Read More…]

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