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LBSU women’s soccer player suffers head injury

LBSU sophomore midfielder Cherrie Cox suffered a concussion and was transported to a local hospital during the team’s visit to Brigham Young University on Aug. 24.

According to LBSU soccer head Coach Mauricio Ingrassia, the sophomore midfielder suffered the injury while attempting a diving header into BYU’s goal, when she fell on her chin. Amidst the action, an opposing player also fell on Cox’s back.

The game was stopped 63 minutes in to attend to Cox, where she was then transported to a local hospital.

“The team was very concerned, the entire stadium was concerned,” Ingrassia said. “The BYU players came over and they offered to do a prayer with the team.”

Cox had to stay the night at the hospital where she was joined by her parents and Ingrassia until she was discharged at 2 a.m.

According to Ingrassia, all tests came out positive and there was no structural damage.

Cox has been under the supervision of the medical trainer since she rejoined the team on Friday.

The student-athlete will return to the pitch when she passes concussion protocol and shows no symptoms of the injury.

“Cherrie is a warrior, [she’s] gonna be just fine,” Ingrassia said. “She’s gonna be super honest about what she’s feeling. We’re just waiting for her to be symptom free.”

The midfielder was off to a hot start to the season, registering two goals and three assists in the first two games before suffering her injury in Utah.

Cox was named the 2022 Big West Freshman of the Year and named to the Big West All-Freshman team of the Year.

Cox was unavailable for a comment.

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