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The return of former LBSU men’s basketball superstar Larry Anderson

Former LBSU basketball star and northside Long Beach native Larry Anderson has returned to the place he calls “home.” Earlier this school year, the school announced that Anderson would be taking the position as the assistant head coach for the men’s basketball team.

Growing up, he played every sport: baseball, basketball, soccer, and football, but chose basketball because it was played “year-round and kept me out of trouble.”

Anderson said he decided to take the position because the, “biggest thing for me was if it wasn’t for my mentors,” he wouldn’t be where he is today. He feels as if, “I am paying back my dues to them.”

Learning from his time at LBSU, Anderson expresses how school was always a priority for him, “School will always be first because without school they cannot play. I have more insight on academics and I tell my players not to be too shy to ask for help and use all their resources.”

Getting drafted by the NBA and playing overseas gave Anderson a different perspective on playing the game of basketball, though it never changed his dedication to work.

He motivates his players and said, “If they want to play anywhere after college they have to take this as a job even if they are just in college, it is still a job though.”

Anderson described his main goal in his coaching philosophy as, “being a student and an athlete, everything else is second tier.”

If the time gets tough during this upcoming season, the Long Beach State alumni’s approach to the struggle will be direct to the players.

“As a player, I was always direct and while I was here I was one of the leaders and I have always had the direct approach,” said Anderson. He also expresses how at times it feels as, “I am their big brother but I am also their coach.”

In essence, his expectations for this season are, “to win a championship and go to the dance (NCAA Tournament, March Madness).”

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