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Spill the Tea: How do students feel about attending games at The Pyramid?

Trevor Simons

Third-year kinesiology major

I think the 50% capacity is amazing for the athletes because it allows them to feed off more fans energy and allows for new students to experience our sports. From what I’ve seen, all the students have been following protocols when they’re in the Pyramid. I think our students and fans are respectful of keeping things orderly.”

Sebija Hadzicanovic

Second-year human development major

“With the last two years of the pandemic, a lot of people have become anxious with the idea of going back to how things used to be. I think it will take a while for full capacity to be the norm, but 50% is a step towards it. While it may not be the crowd that teams have experienced in the past, it is enough to support the athletes while still being safe.”

Cameron Wilson

Fourth-year computer science major

“Personally, I think that the capacity change is too soon. I already don’t feel comfortable coming back to class inperson, so I will definitely not be going to indoor games any time soon.”

Keanu Kaneshiro-Rabut

Fourth-year kinesiology exercise science major

I haven’t gotten the chance to go to a game at the Pyramid since its increased its capacity, but I think the change is really going to motivate our athletes. It makes sense since so many things at the school have already opened up, and I feel like as long as everyone continues to follow the rules, 50% capacity is totally safe.”

Emily Klemm

Second-year speech-language pathology major

I think that changing the capacity for the Pyramid is a good start to getting things back to normal. Since we’ve been back in-person, the school hasn’t really been enforcing social distancing in the hallways, library, and elevators, so I don’t see why increasing the capacity for games shouldn’t be the same.”

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