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What’s on the 2020 ballot: candidates


Illustration by Madalyn Amato

The Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party’s focuses on providing the individual more liberal freedoms with less government involvement and censorship. The Party’s stance is more laissez-faire in terms of governing, and focuses on the citizen’s right to freedom.    

Presidential Candidate: Jo Jorgensen 

Vice Presidential Candidate: Spike Cohen


The Green Party

According to its website, the Green Party’s main focus is on working to establish a society that places environmental justice as one of its core focuses. The “four pillars” the Party aligns  itself with are peace, ecology, social justice and democracy and supports the Green New Deal.

                                                                                                             Presidential Candidate: Howie Hawkins

                                                                                                  Vice Presidential Candidate: Angela Nicole Walker

The Republican Party

The Republican Party focuses on stronger border security, the right for gun ownership and support for the use of natural fuels such as coal and oil. The Republican Party tends to lean towards minimal government involvement in citizens’ lives and, in cases such as health care, prefers a free-market system over a universal health care system.

Presidential Candidate: Donald Trump

Vice Presidential Candidate: Mike Pence

The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party’s platform focuses on pushing for universal healthcare, background checks before the sale of firearms and cleaner air provisions to fight against climate change. The Democratic Party seeks to impose more taxes on the wealthy and promote equal rights. 

Presidential Candidate: Joe Biden

Vice Presidential Candidate: Kamala Harris



Illustration by Madalyn Amato

District 2

The second district of Long Beach represents 51,218 residents.

Challenger: Cindy Allen

Cindy Allen, a local resident of Long Beach, said her top priorities are to address problems in the police department, increase accessibility of coronavirus testing and create housing for all.

Challenger: Robert Fox

Robert Fox said he plans to increase transparency between city hall and Long Beach residents, fight special interest groups and tackle homlessness.

District 6

The sixth district of Long Beach represents 49,444 residents.

Incumbent: Dee Andrews

Vice Mayor Dee Andrews said in his statement that he promises to expand coronavirus testing, stimulate the local economy by supporting small businesses and develop new policies to benefit the community. 

Challenger: Suely Saro

Suely Saro said she plans to help grow local business, address health hazards across the city and manage the city’s budget in a more equitable way.

District 8

The eight district of Long Beach represents 53,009.

Incumbent: Al Austin II

Al Austin II said he promises to invest $45 million of the city’s budget back into the community, provide emergency economic assistance to those struggling with rent and grow school programs for youth.

Challenger: Tunua Thrash-Ntuk

Tunua Thrash-Ntuk said she plans to address homelessness, stimulate the local economy and tackle inequality in neighborhoods throughout the district.



Measure “US”: Long Beach community services general purpose oil production tax increase measure (Barrel Tax)

A “yes” vote would make an amendment to the Long Beach Municipal Code and increase the city’s barrel tax from 15 cents per barrel to 30 cents. 

A “no” vote would maintain the current cost of the barrel tax at 15 cents.



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