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Make your voice heard

Predictions say that the 2020 election could have record-breaking turnouts and “the most diverse electorate in American history,” according to the Atlantic.

So, let’s break records.

President Donald J. Trump’s 2016 victory was driven by white voters. White people took up 74% of the 2016 electorate, according to Pew Research Center. White people do not make up 74% of the American population and therefore should not be the majority of voters electing people into office.

Votes should reflect the needs and perspectives of every American, not just the few who go to the polls.

We should not continue to allow dominant groups to decide our futures for us. We can no longer assume that these groups want the same things for this country as we do.

Marginalized groups have had to fight for the right to vote. Even after suffrage was granted, voter suppression historically kept Black Americans from exercising their right to vote.

These predecessors’ votes were not considered valuable. They were not given a say.

It is now up to their descendants to honor their struggle.

Voting is an investment in your future. The policies enacted by elected officials will affect young people for the rest of their lives and it is important to empower ourselves and play a direct role in our democracy.

No matter how disillusioned people of color feel from the government, it is still important to vote. If you hate your officials, this is your chance to create change. If you hate the people in power, take their power away.

Pew Research Center found that the number of millennials eligible to vote is on the rise, and that one out of 10 eligible voters this November will be from Generation Z. These voters, according to Pew Research Center, are more diverse than the baby boomer generation.

Generation Z accurately represents the diversity of the nation, so it is imperative for them to vote.

Not only are we representing ourselves when we vote, but we are also representing those who cannot vote, including non-citizens and undocumented individuals.

Do not waste the privilege you’ve been given because those who disagree with you definitely do not waste theirs.


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