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Tensions rise due to proposed tuition increase

If passed, a proposition to increase CSU tuition by 6% could financially affect students at Cal State schools for years to come. Long Beach State students took action on Aug. 30 by holding a protest and marching around campus to raise awareness.

Frustrated students of all classes, majors and backgrounds gathered together to voice their opinions on the proposition. Signs, chants and speeches were seen and heard throughout the protest, displaying exhaustion and frustration felt from students.

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Numerous speakers voiced their concerns during the protest, including associate sociology professor Steven Osuna, students Jennifer Chavez and Luis Ortiz and others raising awareness of the potential increase.

This protest by CSULB students came after a protest by the California Faculty Association in July. In that protest, faculty members of all the CSU campuses demanded a 12% increase in wages for the fiscal year.

Tensions are still high among students and faculty alike following the protests and demonstrations from both groups. The CSU Board of Trustees will hold a follow-up meeting on Sep. 12, where the students plan to protest again.

ASI organizations throughout the CSU schools, including Cal State Long Beach, have also opposed the propositions and plan to make their views heard at the Board of Trustees meeting.

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