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Letter to the editor: Thank you, President Trump

Dear President Trump,

I just would like to thank you for your service to this country. I am proud to be a patriotic American, and as a conservative student at a progressive campus I appreciate what you did by signing the executive order to continue to bolster free speech on college campuses.

Additionally, I would like to thank you for being the most pro-life president.


Furthermore, I thank you for confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the United States Supreme Court. Many people criticized your administration and your policies especially on my campus, Long Beach State, but I have always defended you and your administration.

Unfortunately, many progressive students on campus have virtually attacked me on various social networking platforms such as Facebook just for simply supporting you and your policies.


Many students have accused me of being a white supremacist or supporting a white supremacist like you, which I know you are not. I personally believe that you were not responsible for what took place on Wednesday, Jan. 6, despite what others may say.


I know you would never encourage violence in any sort of fashion. The people or organizations that would encourage violence are the people or organizations who hate this country. For example, BLM is one organization who has demonstrated that they hate this country by breaking windows, setting businesses and buildings on fire last summer. 


When you told governors to activate the National Guard to respond to the violence that was going on in our country at the time, you were largely ignored by these progressive governors that continued to allow violence to take place in their states. As a conservative student on campus, I will never understand why so many progressives are so violent, especially if you have a dissenting opinion.


I just want to conclude my open letter to you by saying I wish you and your wife the best of luck in your endeavors.


Jose Espinoza is a fourth-year religious studies major who submitted his open letter to former President Donald Trump on Jan. 20, 2021. The letter was edited for grammar and AP Style.


  1. Hopefully, this will be my last comment on this form, but I really wanted to address the hypocrisy happening here. Before I dive into my point, I will state clearly that I do not associate myself with the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party, and that I’m an individual with my own thoughts and beliefs. To any of the extremists of any party asking, I voted for Biden. I have respect for Trump but I found that my own beliefs aligned more with Biden’s. Anyways, I just wanted to ask all the people who are throwing hate towards the person who wrote the article, who also voted for Biden, why are you making yourselves look bad? Didn’t Biden ask of us all, to be more united and stop the hate? Why are a lot of you throwing hate towards this individual whose just expressing his respects to some of the actions Trump has done. I admit, Trump wasn’t the best of presidents, but he wasn’t as bad either. Also, to those of you who threw the homophobic and racist titles at the author of this article, please reflect on your actions immediately. I read the article. The author didn’t make any “racist” or “homophobic” remarks at all. Sure he supports a president whose rumoured to have those traits, but does that make anyone who supports Trump the same? Of course not. People are people. Everyone can think for themselves. No one is a pawn nor an enemy. Seriously people, think for yourselves and stop disrespecting and shaming others for having different beliefs than you. To those of you who voted for Biden, and did any of the disrespectful actions stated, please reflect on your actions, and try to become a better person. Spread love not hate. Hate causes conflict and division. It stains this nation.

  2. Funny enough, probably son of immigrants. So sad when people forget their roots. These is the type of people we can’t stand in Mexico (not saying he’s Mexican, just showing an example). Who you can clearly see are sons/daughters of immigrants and are so ashamed of their origins they go to the “patriotic” side.

    • I don’t believe it’s fair to generalize a person for saying a couple of points they believe in. To be fair, most of us probably don’t even know him/her. Just saying, we shouldn’t assume and place people into different buckets like this, nor shame them for having points that differ from us either. Anyone could believe what they want to believe, it doesn’t matter what race, gender, or whatever they are. We are all human. Embrace people for who they are, not hate them. And if there’s a disagreement, talk it out, rather than shaming or fighting because with those options, really, no one wins.

  3. This should not have been posted. There are minority students who read the Daily 49er. It is one thing to be conservative but it is another thing to support Trump. He is racist, homophobic, transphobic, and the list goes on. This was negligent and irresponsible. You can claim that it was free speech but why be complacent when any editor who read this was fully aware of the repercussions? Shame

    • Respectfully, like a lot of presidents, Trump has done some controversial actions, but at the same time, has also done some notable things. Just saying, not every president is perfect, not every president is in the right either. But just because a president could be racist, homophobic, etc. doesn’t mean that any person who supports him shares the same traits. Everyone has their own opinions, a right to it actually, and each opinion may differ from every other person’s. Not all republicans are the same, nor are democrats. Actually, I believe we are all similar, and it’s just that with all that’s going on, we tend to see ourselves more divided, as enemies. I just really wish, that others would respect people’s opinions more, no matter how different, and if there’s a disagreement, just talk it out as a normal conversation rather than putting one to shame for their own beliefs. Reading the comments on social media, along with these comments has saddened me further. Is this how we all act now? Do we hate each other to the point where we just want to see people ruined? Just because we disagree with them? That’s sad. We should be united, not divided. To whoever wrote the article, respect to you for expressing your opinion. I also believe Trump should be applauded for some of those points, in addition to how he helped boost the economy, became the first president to meet with Kim Jong Un, and also pushed alongside the democrats to bring Americans their stimulus check (though the Republicans in the congress rejected it, which I was disappointed about, but I digress). Anyways, Biden’s in office now, so good luck to him! I hope the guy I voted for serves the nation well, and I hope that he will guide our nation to a greater future.

  4. This looks like it was written by someone in the 8th grade. This was so painful to read. “… supporting a white supremacist like you…” I’d say that’s a Freudian slip there. “I know you would never encourage violence” you do know there is VIDEO EVIDENCE of him encouraging violence multiple times, right? You can literally look it up on YouTube right now. He told his supporters to knock the cr*p out of protestors then claiming he would personally pay their legal fees. That’s one of many instances. You’re delusional, Jose.

    Conservatives have no personality that isn’t claiming they’re conservative and that people don’t like them. Sorry to break it to you – you’re in a cult. You’re probably use to it, because high chance you’re super-duper-religious.

    “An unexamined life is not a life worth living”
    (I’m sure you’ve studied some Philosophy)

    Get a life, Jose.

  5. I’m a CSULB graduate and I support the truthful statements in the open letter written by the conservative student. Thank you for respecting the free speech rights of all.

  6. Take this crap down. It’s full of inaccuracies.

    • I don’t get why people are freaking out over this article. Everyone has a right to their opinion. We live in America not in Communist China.

  7. Typo on the 2nd to last paragraph. I think you meant “told”, not tole. You sound like you check your opinions about as hard as you check for typos. Sincerely, covfefe.

  8. From a media literacy standpoint, it’d be good for y’all to include a note explaining what a letter to the editor is and that this doesn’t necessarily reflect your POV. Most people may not know what that is and it might save you from some of the judgments you’d understandably get made about you for putting this on your platform.

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