Federal vape policy brings questions about inaction towards guns

America has a long history of making bad and misguided decisions. Oftentimes, these actions are ill-informed or poorly thought out and completely miss the point. 


President Trump held a meeting in the Oval Office where he urged the FDA to take action against flavored vape-cartridges, which have been linked to six deaths and over 400 cases of serious illness, according to the CDC.


Trump assures that his intentions are based out of wanting to protect “innocent children” from danger, but that leads to a follow-up question: What about guns?


One gun, in particular, the AR-15, has been used by mass murderers time and time again and has been subject of scrutiny since the movie theatre shooting in Aurora, Colorado in 2012. 


This military-grade rifle has caused the death of 29 people this year, and over 240 people in the last 10 years.


Now, I’m not a math major, but it seems to me that gun-related deaths and injuries greatly outweigh the threat of vaping related ones. So, why has no action been taken to protect “innocent children” from this danger?


One reason may be that the government, in particular, the Republican party, has a codependent relationship with the National Rifle Association. Founded in 1871, the NRA calls themselves “America’s longest-standing civil rights organization,” and have been directly lobbying for pro-gun laws since 1975, according to their website


The organization gives millions to Republican candidates every year in hopes that they will fight to protect American’s rights to bear arms, which is apparently more important than the right to live.


During the 2016 election, the NRA spent $54 million to help elect Republican lawmakers to Congress, and $34 million in opposition against Democratic candidates.


With such immense economic support, it’s no wonder the Republican party can’t quit on the NRA: without them they’re nothing. Innocent children being shot dead in classrooms and in Walmart may cost the nation its hope and faith, but imagine the costs that would be incurred if the Republicans dropped the NRA. The thought is too much too bear. 


Another reason Americans continue to be subjected to target practice at the hands of deranged white men is the Second Amendment.


Originally ratified in 1789, the amendment guarantees Americans the right to keep and bear arms, as well as maintain a well-regulated militia; although most citizens only know and care about the first part.


There’s no denying that there are responsible gun owners in the country. With over 15 million firearms in circulation, if every AR-15 owner was a crazed mass shooter, well, we’d all be dead.


However, the denial exhibited by the government that wide-spread access to guns, in particular, one that has proven success in wiping out entire concert venues and recreation centers, is not only a national threat but is slowly becoming one of the leading causes of death in the states.


Those who vape make a conscious decision to use these products. Whoever thought that inhaling something called “PUFF PUFF DRAGON” was safe for you probably doesn’t make the best life-decisions in general.


But the children of Sandy Hook Elementary and the church-goers at the Sutherland Springs church didn’t get a choice. Their fate was decided for them as lives were ended by the flash of a gun muzzle. Do they not have rights? Do they not deserve protection from danger?


The deaths and serious injuries as a result of vaping is a topic that shouldn’t be ignored, however, there are bigger issues America is facing. Come on guys, get your shit together. 

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  1. Brian Hopkins

    It maddens me that very left leaning and misleading information like this can be published on here. I know CSULB is a very liberal campus just like any other university, but spreading fallacies like this is completely wrong. It’s also racist towards white males because it literally points out deranged white males as a problem. If an article like this can be published, then I’d love to write articles about how third wave feminism is like the plague and how affirmative action in universities is racist, or how certain ethnicities are more privileged when it comes to scholarships, and many more. I’d very much want to write an article in opposition of this one if possible.
    The Left are the real racists, the real fascists trying to take away our God given rights to free speech and right to bear arms!

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