Editor’s Note

Welcome back from spring break!

Although spring break never feels long enough, I look forward to finishing out my last few weeks as a student at Long Beach State. April is always a hectic month here at CSULB and this edition of our newspaper and recent news coverage confirm that same trend.

In this edition of the Daily Forty-Niner, our stories range from investigative news pieces to in-depth features of on-campus entities, like the theatre department.

This issue also includes a variety of important topics on and off campus, such as updates to FAFSA forms and CSU tuition hike strikes.

As a newspaper, keeping our audience informed has always been a top priority. With major news occurring both on campus and within the CSU system, we will continue to prioritize this coverage and ensure that news remains accessible.

If you have been keeping up with local news in Long Beach, then I’m sure it has become clear to you all the importance of ethical and accessible local journalism. And unfortunately, news has become less and less readily available in our city.

From underrepresented communities being overlooked in coverage daily to major news outlets nearby experiencing mass layoffs, Long Beach journalism is struggling.

Even among this chaos, we as a publication will continue to serve this community to the best of our abilities.

Whether this means publishing informative pieces on local news and working on campus news stories during our breaks, such as the hiring of the new men’s basketball coach, Chris Acker, this publication will continue to cover all things Long Beach, and you can rely on us to do so.

The Daily Forty-Niner continues to evolve as a publication and will not stop anytime soon. There will be many changes to come for this publication, but we will never stop keeping our community informed through ethical journalism.

In this edition, you can look forward to learning more about the CFA and CSUEU unions, a roundup of all the recent tuition strikes as well as updates on sports game attendance on campus and much more.

Please enjoy this edition of the Daily Forty-Niner! Students interested in pitching stories, contributing opinion pieces or submitting relevant news tips can email me directly at eic@lbcurrent.com so we can further discuss ideas.

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