Parking is still an issue, more needs to be done about it

Even before the new semester started, the CSULB parking account on Instagram was posting tips on how to have a good experience parking on campus.

These tips included things like arriving early during the first weeks of the semester, as the roads could be a bit busier.

The university is well aware of how many students commute to campus throughout the week; However, the lack of designated parking leads students to have trouble with finding parking and getting to class on time. This might cause them to miss out on valuable moments that could be beneficial to their education.

With CSULB being a commuter-based campus, students believe that there are possible ways to solve this issue. The central proposition is to lower the prices of parking.

Despite the Parking and Transportation Service Department’s decision to place a “fee freeze” on the parking price for the 2023-2024 school year, some students are still frustrated.

Many claim that the department is taking advantage of students, as the price of parking can total up to $1,250 in just five semesters.

While some might propose building more parking structures, other students do not want their campus to become a “concrete jungle.”

One way to avoid this and expand the availability of parking is to make the employee parking smaller; more employee parking can also become open to students.

In the past, I’ve noticed plenty of empty spaces in the employee parking lot, while there is no other parking in the general structures. Students can also park in employee lots after 5 p.m. after everyone has gone home.

Another solution to combat the parking problem is public transportation.

Parking and Transportation Services recommends the app Moovit, which allows you to see which bus routes can get you to CSULB. The three different transits that arrive on campus are Long Beach Transit, LA Metro and Orange County Transit Authority. Public transportation is cheaper because students get discounts, with LBT specifically providing passes that cost $100 a semester.

You can also aid overcrowded parking on campus by carpooling with friends or peers who live nearby.

Both solutions are effective when finding eco-friendly ways to commute to campus. This is because they help reduce carbon emissions and the traffic at Cal State Long Beach.

Even though there are a few alternatives to combat the lack of parking spaces on campus, CSULB should still consider that providing tips online on how to get a parking spot doesn’t help the overall problem.

To solve this issue, more has to be done. Just building more parking structures is not the solution.

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