Administrative choices leave CSULB students feeling unheard and unseen

Throughout the 2022-2023 school year Long Beach State students were met with many disappointments. Each disappointment came the standard letter from the school explaining why they cannot do anything about it.

During the fall 2022 semester art students brought up issues with air conditioning in the arts buildings. CSULB President Jane Close Conoley’s response was ‘I wish I could’ statement with a drawing out reason as to why it couldn’t be done.

While many thought this would be one of the last times that non-solutions would be met. It was not the case.

President Conoley ignored students’ concerns when the class of 2023 found out they weren’t getting the chance to walk the stage and have their names read at graduation.

Students showed their displeasure with protests and signs around campus saying,
“let 23 walk.”

President Conoley gave the excuse that it’s too costly and time consuming to walk and have students’ names read during graduation.

Many expressed an opinion but were sadly ignored.

Student Sophie Tuon said “I think President Conoley’s response was pathetic to say the least.”

CSULB administration also failed to listen to students concerns and needs during the opening of the housing application for returning residents.

Current residents were given a chance to apply earlier than incoming residents. This decision was made to lessen website traffic for all resident applicants.

During this time CSULB Housing notified students by email saying that “space is limited for returning residents (only 600).”

Limited bedspaces meant residents weren’t given the chance for housing in the upcoming school year.

One solution that CSULB gave was that residents can find housing at two local hotels, Hotel Current and the Golden Sails Hotel. Showing how little they care about students

Gavin Hardy, a resident at Hillside Village, had hopes for housing. But unfortunately, he was one of the unlucky majorities that got put on a waitlist.

Like many other residents Hardy wanted to continue living on campus but is now the waitlist with virtually no hope of getting into housing.

Hardy expressed his frustration by stating “we should have some sort of priority considering we already live here [on campus].”

Residents like Hardy are currently pushed aside for incoming residents, showing that CSULB does not care about its current residents.

This proves that CSULB administration does not care about its students and have routinely ignored the concerns students have.

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