Gas prices aren’t that bad

Gas prices are pretty expensive… but is it really that bad?

Since Long Beach State is a commuter heavy school, many of you probably drive. And just like you, I’ve felt the dread of pumping gas.

As the gallons flow into my car, the Los Angeles County gas average of around $6.41 multiplies, and before you know it, upwards of $70 is on the screen.

According to AAA’s Gas Prices, about a year ago gas in Long Beach was about $4.43 per gallon. Some would probably argue that is also too high for gas, but it seems quite cheap in terms of prices now.

Today, most people would kill for $4 gas.

I know that some of you are probably guilty of looking for that gas station that’s just a few cents cheaper. I’m guilty of it too.

The Shell near my house was about $0.20 cheaper than the Shell next to the school. The first thing that came to my mind, “gas is so much cheaper here!”

In reality, the difference would have been close to $2.80 if I filled my entire tank.

Don’t get me wrong, $2.80 is still $2.80, and with an economy like this, every cent counts.

I still find it strange though, gas would have been nearly the same price at either station, but it still felt like the more expensive station was way more expensive.

However, it does bring up the thought of how much we compare things. It’s the same way we compare current prices to prices a year ago.

Let’s take this comparison global.

GasolinePetrolPrices.com gathers gasoline prices from all over the world and averages them by country to create a list. It’s important to note that the listings are mostly countries.

Both AAA and GasolinePetrolPrices.com list the United States at around $3.99 per gallon. California has exceptionally high prices compared to the rest of the country, with Los Angeles’s average price being $6.41.

The highest price on the list is Hong Kong, whose USD price per gallon is at an average of $11.14. This makes our gas prices seem quite cheap now, doesn’t it?

Still not convinced? There are 30 other countries that have a higher average gas price than Los Angeles County.

Entire countries.

All of a sudden, $6.41 doesn’t seem too bad when I know other people out there are paying upwards of $8.00 to $11.00 per gallon.

It’s only natural to compare prices, especially when things are notably more expensive than before. However, if we compare prices that were lower, it’s also fair to compare them to prices that are higher.

It’s important to understand the trend of gas prices as well.

Generally speaking, prices tend to be higher in countries that are richer, and lower in countries that are poorer. The USA is an exception. We are a notably rich country, but we have, on a global perspective, relatively low prices.

The reason and the issues behind it are incredibly complex, and oftentimes, result in political debates in our country.

Whether or not this comparison gives you a new perspective on our own gas prices is for you to decide.

I definitely wish that gas was cheaper, but I also understand that for me, filling my tank is a necessity to not only go to school and work, but to live my life.

If gas was free or if it was $11.14 like in Hong Kong, I still would need to pump my gas.


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